It takes more than bravery to publish such graphic content that too,in Tamil in the 80s. Dude — Do u think, even without inquiring, I would have given the department details here? The dictatorship came to an end. Many had written it many things.. The world have realized the disastrous result of such linear thinking. He is so bloody inconsistent is his writings and it comes back to haunt him. I was intrigued enough when I first heard about Charu Nivedita through Pallavi, but learning how deeply offensive his work is to these many readers, I went ahead and purchased Zero Degrees.

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So, please stop this nonsense of saying that because of your comments I ran away and showing up in different ids. This the sign of so called technology man of modern world, leave us alone please.

Zero Degree

I read all those novels in Tamil. She had no criticism however, for the zero degree charu nivedita, sexual description or the violence, a lot of which she comes across in one form or another in her line of work. Yet all you keep harping on is the sex stuff invedita can you see beyond that? Its a mishmash sample of the society which on careful introspection could reveal a great deal. It is said to be written as a transgressive fiction in a non-linear way. You have destroyed that unique creation by pissing on it!

The reason I get upset is, I have dealt with these questions umpteenth times in my interviews and articles.


Zero Degree – Wikipedia

Apr 25, Jaganathan Mani added it. Charu, cleverly never takes on anything directly or in depth. Charu wants to bring that kind of a mess to India on top of all the other problems we have! TehelkaInterview with the translators.

The intention was not that of telling a story. US tamilan Wake Up!!!!

BrainDrain: Zero Degree – Charu Nivedita

zero degree charu nivedita Its his personal thing — I am fine as long as he keeps it to himself. Please keep your value assement for the product, cost benefit ratio calculation and all your modern management Technic nivediga your self. And, I can clearly witness his anger and frustration when zero degree charu nivedita comments are countered. What is appreciable is the effort in translation.

What does this man i want to use an adjective, but holding me back because of decency know about him? Looking at how you guys are OK with incest, perversions, crude sex, paedophilia, etc, and keep justifying them, it is time for me to get the hell out of here! How can the most beautiful human being chat the way he usually chats with his female readers? All your allegations are non sense and shows how shallow your thoughts and understanding are. Aug 18, Sarath rated it liked it. Some of the parts were even reheated parts of his earlier work for example, Tamil does not have letters that sound like B or F.

Zwro tall claims — for instance — his Zero Degree is the only lipogrammatic novel in Tamil is far from truth.


On Charu Nivedita’s ‘Zero Degree’ (Trans. by Pritham K. Chakravarthy & Rakesh Khanna)

This book is said to be one of the break through on tamil literature. If all they can slur about Charu is his character without knowing him personally and they have nothing of real value to say about zero degree charu nivedita writing, I think Charu should be one satisfied author, no? The publishers blurb announces this as transgressive fictionthe book was a huge success in Tamil and in Malayalam, to which it was translated almost immediately.

Here is an example US Tamilan of what type of cultural fascism prevails in TN and under what circumstances Charu write…. One additional ingredient that Charu uses to keep things spicy is point 3. They were his views.

Your approach to a fiction is totally flaw and more over you are so innocently ignorant. In his books and interviews, Charu has always been answering to all the questions asked by the commenters here who say that the violence, zero degree charu nivedita are for shock value. There are so many instance to substantiate this like Nithi, Gopinath, Rajinikanth, ManiRathnam, Jeyamohan episodes etc. I belong to the first category: That would have been an open and shut case had truth been with Charu?