July 25, in Utility E [prMac. I am very interested in this as well, thanks for your research! I did try making backups using the application while inside of Windows but it would go soooo slowly Now with the free link you gave I can go ahead and get it done this weekend. Acronis makes a bootable CD PC systems usually are not dual-booting to disaster recovery. I would really like to get back to the functionality WinClone had of backing up or restoring Windows without having it tie up the Mac with the singular mode of Norton Ghost.

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User profile winclone for lion user: Thanks for all this. Oct 24, 6: Nice to be able to keep working while a backup or restore of a Windows partition is going on in the background. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Sorry to add confusion, but a wealth of confusing options is better than “only one bad choice”.

Sorry for misunderstanding your first post. Oct 24, 8: To restore, you can boot to the Ghost DVD.

I eventually cancelled it after 5 hrs. I’m doing some additional backup and recovery tests now using the backup software from within Windows. About the only thing I can think of is Norton Ghost. All replies Drop Down menu. When I moved to Windows 7, Acronis automatically said “I have a better version for free I’ve made a backup using the free software but I’ve not tested winclone for lion see if I can restore using the free software yet.


winclone not compatible with Lion. Looking for suggestions/alternative

Thanks for providing such an incredible service and thanks for taking good care of all my needs. The real kicker is the results. I’ve used it for quite a while. Log in or Sign up.

Alternative to Winclone for Lion? – Apple Community

There are winclone for lion agencies. Oct 23, 9: Norton essentially threw out their code. At least it gives me someplace to vent my frustration I’m off to go purchase Paragon Pro I have both, but use SuperDuper! Timothy Perfitt Owner United States. It boots to the usb but then it just takes me to a Gnu Grub command prompt after Debian returns with an error.

Oct 4, 3: The two best and most popular mac cloners are Carbon Copy Cloner http: Very nice, but neither will clone a Windows partition which is what Winclone did. So my advice would be to leave that option unchecked if you decide to use Paragon to backup your bootcamp partition.


That Hot Processing option didn’t work well for me with winclone for lion bootcamp partition backups it would drag winclone for lion for hours and hours and hours before I finally killed that backup. Yes, I checked out Winclone at one point, and would have preferred it if it were supported, but settled on Casper to back up my Bootcamp partition. You responded to my questions so incredibly fast and I’m so thankful for you tweaking my release to ensure the best exposure.

There are Members. Excellent software, so I would guess CopyCatX would also be good. Since the press release went out, my traffic went up and my iPhone app sales doubled. You are given a few options of burning a bootable recovery CD.