No major problems, very playable. All 3 discs are playable. Almost flawless, just a bit of lag at certain parts and cutscenes. No dialog bugs in 2. Works perfectly, video and sound run great and runs at full speed. Can’t exit the text box or anything.

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WiiSX / CubeSX – Sony PlayStation – Downloads – Emulators

Works perfectly, but music causes sound glitches. Wiisx music but SFX ok. Also, turn music off eiisx options, because it can cause sound problems ingame. Your name or email address: Loads perfectly and all but when playing, you can wiisx see your wiisx and the environment is all glitched. Main menu music is jumpy, but sound effects ok. Graphics all run smooth There are some points that hitch slightly, but overall it’s quite good.

WiiSX compatibility list (beta 2)

When you try to play wiisx, the game will start wisix will have pixels, then a green qiisx, and then Bruce Campbell’s voice, then nothing. Best played wiixx frame limiting and dithering turned off.


Audio failed in Dynarec, ranged wkisx 50fpsfps. Characters are invisible in dialog box. Works wiisx in Interpreters, bios scph Hangs at black screen after loading a game file and anytime you enter a door. The “Home” button still works, or simply reset. If possible, give the stack dump, they are helpful qiisx know where the code is hanging and what need to be wiixx. Lightgun of course not supported, Wiisx skipping Evil Dead: All 3 discs are playable. Stack Dump at Midway Logo Sequence.

Code Dump in Dynarec! Not exactly Ideal but absolutely playable. Same as above but unplayable due to slow speed. All credits to Mystro Perhaps slightly too fast. Code dump when you encounter Zell for the first time Its because of the movie, saving before the code dump, putting the game to interpreter and the game wiisx work fine, after that you can put the game wiisx dynarec. Works wiisx well on WiiSX Beta 2. The letters while naming a character are visible as well. Video and sound are great, and runs at full speed.


Slow videos, gameplay perfect! None or Default Working perfectly. My guess is becuase they are stored in an associated. Switched to Interpreter, and instead of giving me the code dump error, it just froze while playing two wiisx of the music over and over. Loading through BIOS required. Locks up randomly during dialogue. Dynarec plays at nearly wiisx pace; Interpreter is slower, but still playable.

Skyscraper level seems fine. Cannot continue story on CD2.