Control aspect ratio to make the output image perfectly fit the screen size. Glad it helped you out. Your review for WebEx Player -. Once the OK button is clicked the WRF file conversion will begin as shown in the below example image. Jon, This was the magic solution. Thanks for following up as this should steer others with the same issue into the correct direction!

webex editor 3.17

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How to Free Convert ARF to MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MP3 for Playback without Restriction?

Terrible idea with clearly no testing performed. Thank youthak you!!!!

Now on the right side of Any Video Converter you can select what file format you want to convert the WMV file to by clicking the drop down called Video Codec underneath of the Video Options. Convert WebEx to MP4. How can I do this.

How To Convert .WRF Files To .WMV, AVI, MP4, XVID, or MPEG

One question — for some reason when I convert to. Muchas Gracias x la ayuda. Once the conversion is complete the above window will disappear and the WMV file should be available to play.

I did write a couple articles for WebEx regarding each step necessary to take a WebEx meeting and turning it into a iTunes Podcast but it was posted on their blog and not their support site. I am not sure exactly what the problem may be but you may want to try an older version of the editor if possible.


Depending on the video codecs and audio codecs being used to play the final product will depend on what can or cannot be played. There do exist some ARF to MP4 converter online that claim to have high efficiency, but as far as I know based on my personal experience, none of them really work for their bad compatibility problems.

Just click on the profile without extra operation. Jon, This was the magic solution. To solve this problem, you may need this professional ARF converting software.

Did I miss anything? Hi, i am ediror win7 os. The conversion process might take awhile depending on output format and the size of the video so be patient.

webex editor 3.17

Thanks for following up as this should steer others with the same issue into the correct direction! Typically the default location is where the WebEx Editor should be installed.

I upgraded Windows Media Player to version 11 but it made no difference. Thanks for the article… It was really a direct solution. I reinstalled the editor and now its working fine for me. You might try different audio codecs and video codecs until you come up with the right combination.


Second problem that we have is edutor the resolution of the output file. You might try different settings webez the conversion process. Do you have any suggestions for Mac users?

How To Convert .WRF Files To .WMV, AVI, MP4, XVID, or MPEG

Hi, I want to convert webex meeting file which is in wrf format to avi file. This article will be divided into two parts to demonstrate how to convert ARF to other popular formats.

Download WebEx Player 2. Hello Carol, Unfortunately I do not. It seems to me that all of your advice refers to Windows based computers. It edtor the most codecs out of all of the above.

webex editor 3.17

Hello Rosetta, No problem at all. Functions and Usability Edifor Player provides users with the ability to perform a handful of helpful tasks before and during a video conference call. The more details that you can provide the more likely we may be able to assist in pointing you in the correct direction.