Download one model file from http: This is my favorite waveform viewer. Speed and capacity are far better, and there is Tcl scripting now. Tracking in satellite communications 1. Both positive and negative Slew Rate can be obtained from slope of the output. Table 2 shows the maximum space required for installing all SpiceExplorer and WaveView Analyzer features on a particular platform.

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As a result, the schSOptionPulldown entry that is near the end of schematic. Dec analuzer Do you know other tools better than EZWave? Check the output file for simulation results.

Enter which sx in a shell window to verify that waveview analyzer is located in your search path. In Hspice netlist file, there should be something like vds vgs vbs m1 d g b d 0 0 0 g 0.

Spice Explorer and WaveView Analyzer

In the output file you can find gmCgs,Cgd etc. Obtain the appropriate binary executable files for your operating system. If you have an existing simui. The license key determines if the application can be started in the “full SpiceExplorer” mode, the “WaveView Analyzer only” mode, or both.


HDL simulation help to understand the waveview analyzer of verilog file 7.

Tutorial on HSPICE and WaveView

Choose analyze of the following installation processes: But I don’t like this viewer: You would get a plot like the following one.

Put the model file and waveview analyzer netlist file in the same directory. Big Mac Exchange Rate Theory. Table 1 lists the supported platforms for this release. The number of outputs can be more than one.

Tutorial on HSPICE and WaveView

Questions about doherty GaN mmic PA 2. Losses in inductor of a boost converter For detailed instructions, see Installing Synopsys Tools.

Anayzer and capacity are far better, and there is Tcl scripting now. The version I used is quite old: Open waveview analyzer model file and search for the line: Trigger Function Method 2: What is Sandwork and where to download it from?

You can merge the provided schematic. The graphs will now become: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Create the menus directory under your home directory if necessary.


Sandwork Waveview vs. EZWave

To install the wafeview on UNIX systems: The installation instructions in this document are the most up-to-date available at the time waveview analyzer production. Menu Files This method requires the use the schematic.

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