This, of course, makes it a bit difficult for most of us to imagine that CLI-based applications used to be the norm back in the day. Similar to HaoZip in looks as well , KuaiZip has a newer version available 2. But if I win this giveaway I will certainly change over to PowerArchiver Added test data for PAQ7plus 1. Mugsy 3 hours ago.

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The problem with RZIP 2. EGG Priority on compress ratio. TC shows greatly improved compression. Hentai Master 4 months ago.

Maximum Compression (lossless data compression software)

QuickLZ is a new program written in compatible assembler with very high de compression speed. Since I burn the archives onto DVDs, splitting is a must have feature for me. I downloaded an ubuntu image that was about mb and after compressing become 2 gb And apparently it has compressed by kgb archiver. In addition to the better speed it also has small improvements in compression on most files. As expected, the new versions of both Uharc compression software and NanoZip keep fighting for the top places in the most efficient compressor ranking.

A software solution to make UHARC accessible to users of all experience by providing a friendly graphical interface and powerful compression. We could have used an i7 system with 16GB of RAM, but again, that is unrepresentative of what the majority of people have. Added Stuffit 14 and Squeez 5.


15 Archivers Tested to Find the Fastest Speeds and Smallest File Sizes

I know it opens a whole lot of formats; and compresses a bunch, too. I added a compression curiosities page. If you want a nice looking archiver, Hamster Free Zip certainly wins the prize there. Who would not uharc compression software over GB, omg …. LZTurbo is extremely memory hungry level 4 uhharc uses MB. Mugsy 3 hours ago. The correspondent options refer to compression uharrc mode, dictionary size and multimedia compressiondirectory processing settings recurse subdirectories and store paths as well as encryption settings uhac and mode.

If you know of an experimental program not listed here or know of a switch combination yielding better results than the one listed please let me know!. The only caveat is I think they mostly support ZIP only.

WinUHA – UHARC GUI – High Compression Multimedia Archiver

Click to load comments. Because of this those programs will hardly take advantage of the new architecture of the current processors but only in the increased clock frequency. The decompression times are more then twice the compression time for all MFC switch combinations I tested. Some sites like to test on high end hardware, we like to test or normal hardware.


Jimmy Russels 5 years ago. A uharc compression software update this time including the new number one and two program. FreeARC now takes place 1, 2 and 3! An arrival in the ‘top10’ or ‘top20’ or ‘top30’ is now visible in one glance thanks to RePack for the suggestion. THOR has a new ‘ultra’ switch significantly improving compression uharc compression software most files.

UHARC/GUI – Powerful file archiver with highest compression rate

And that without making use of a dictionary. You have to create a whole new archive.

The file name encryption is gone. QuickLZ is the fastest uharc compression software line compression program ever tested on maximum compression. Gregg DesElms 5 years ago. We were very impressed that WinUHA managed to shrink down files of If you look at download portals like CNET it gets no more than 2 or 3 downloads a WEEK, as for search engine traffic to the website, there appears to be maybe up to 5 visitors a day.