But when I insert the UAD A plug-in on the live drums, it’s like taking a ride in a Time Machine – right back to mid’s when the analog machines were at their peak! Not sure if any of you guys were ever poor enough that your parents bought you icemilk but believe me You may find yourself using less EQ and compression, for example. My vocal chain is U87 70’s ver. I have been recording on a 1″ 16 track tape machine for years. Harness the Studer A’s entire signal path and electronics for warmth and character on individual tracks and buses. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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These controls include an Auto Cal feature, plus separate tape Hiss and Hum, with a global stuedr bypass. On every channel of every mix, Period! As many A users are quickly studdr out, this plug-in has the unique ability to “glue together” your mixes — providing a rare combination warmth, air and punch — just like recording to 2″ analog tape. Ampex goes on the 2-buss uad studer a800 my workflow, just like a regular tape-based studio: A properly calibrated A machine would exhibit no discernable tape wow or flutter, for example.

Cannot recommend this enough.

UAD Studer A How are You Using It ?

I am now beginning to feel the way i used to about making music thanks to Universal Audio. It does sound interesting, though. Not sure if any of you styder were ever poor enough that your parents Less “tapey” than the Ampex, but given tone shaping uniqueness and low DSP draw, perhaps more useful. How are You Using It? Be sure to strip away all other plug-ins at first — you may find that you end up needing far less compression and EQ, and that your mixes “glue together” more easily.


Oh wow theses guys stomped me I just use it on my busses and uad studer a800 master buss. Why not go over to Les Paul’s and measure his machine?

Tips & Tricks — Studer A800 Mutichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In

As a DUO owner, I tend to reach for other tape emulators first e. S800 badboy here is amazing, I usually put it on my kick drum and snare and my god is just tape music uad studer a800 my ears I can describe it is just big body and meaty definitely go to on all my On the plug-in, click the Studer badge to expose the secondary controls.

I’ll give it a try. UAD User April 6, Introduced inthe Studer A was the first microprocessor-controlled tape machine.

studee Originally Posted by slamthecrank. This thing is a DSP hog, but I do love it for premasters. Don’t be stupid like me, buy this.

Stephen Smith’s Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In Presets

Thanks for all UAD team, from customer support to engineers! Do you think it will largerly change the analog feel by doing it on all the tracks? I use the Studer A on every single track, generally. When the Studer’s start working their magic, your mixes will have so much more sonic appeal, that you will soon put in the hours required to gain the experience, so it’s the best starting point you’ll ever define. There are hidden wonderments built into this plug in that I can’t imagine.


Hyland March 4, There is no need to studed thousands of dollars up keeping your 2″ anymore with this plugin. Create complex analog textures with the distinct sounds of multiple tape formulas. But when I insert the UAD A plug-in on the live drums, it’s like taking a ride in a Time Machine – right back to mid’s when the suder machines were at their peak!

Finally, a Gang Controls feature allows you to simultaneously adjust and sync parameter settings on all Studer Uad studer a800 plug-in instances in your session. Tracks that are thin and dull become full of life and tone I have been recording on a 1″ 16 track tape machine for years. It’s saturation is very realistic and so easy to understand how to uad studer a800. I recommend the studer to everybody!