The version 2 posted above is in all probability the version from the sound track, because the film has been released and available on VCD now. Atul’s Bollywood song a day-with full lyrics Topics:. In the discussion, my friend pointed out the following possibility for the second version. Asha Lata ji had a role in the film, and Anil Da was the assistant to the music director Ashok Ghosh. She turned to film production, and the husband wife team set up the banner called Variety Pictures. Now the messy thing that the VCD compnay may have done is that in the film, it is very possible that the entire song of 3 antaraas exists, but these guys mercilessly cut out one antaraa, just to edit and fit the video content into the discs. The music is composed by Anil Biswas.

tore naina rasile katile haye ram

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Since Nitin ji has seen the film on cable TV, it is possible that it was a transmission from a VHS tape, and hence the song was still there.

Tore Naina Rasile Katile Haye Ram

Nimmi falsely thinks that the song is directed towards her as Shekhar was watching and singing in her direction continuously as his wont of the blind people. As I wrote to you in the email sent a little earlier. The extent of seriousness was such that Anil Da left his home and he and Meena Kapoor started living together.

As you said, we are fortunate that the audio of the full song is available to all of us to enjoy. However, the lyrics are presented as a single three antaraa song.


The film has a total of nine songs, eight of which come from the pen of Prem Dhawan and one is written by Majrooh Sultanpuri. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Manna Dey – Tore Naina Rasile Katile Haye Ram – Listen on Deezer

Going back into my own collection, I located this song, and decided to post it online with a write up. The source from naiha I got the second recording has pulled it from the VCD sound track.

tore naina rasile katile haye ram

I still have to confirm with my collector friend, whether he has this record No. The version 2 posted above is in all probability the version from the sound track, because the film has been released and available on VCD now. Learn how your comment data is processed. Notify me of new comments via email. Every song has a brief description, followed by a video link, and complete lyrics of the song. Thank you very very very…………….

Well so much about the film and some history about its ramm team. By the way, the film has actually eight songs though for record purposes, it is counted as nine songs.

Torey naina raseeley kateeley haaye raam

As I listened to it, I realized that the quality is good, but still not very good, such that one line in the second antaraa is somewhat unclear. Asha Lata Biswas was the wife of Anil Biswas, the music director. She and Shobhana Samarth were classmates, and possibly may have started their film careers simultaneously. And the correct words for the line with? I checked out the online sources also, but could not locate this song.

Same sequence was picturised in Raslie Cha Cha with Chandrasekhar and Ramm again a classical song to boot.


When we check the credits for these films, we find that the music direction for the first four films is under the baton of Anil Biswas. Probably, the version you have posted may have been taken out of VHS tape of the film. Since the listings show only one record number for this song, viz. However, due to length of recording maybe being much more than the conventional 3 minutesthe song was eventually recorded as two different versions, each with a different second antaraa.

Bhaarat ka rehne waala hoon. The version 1 published on the record was puposely kept with two antaraas, to make it fit on one record. Notify me of new posts via email. When I received the email notification about this song from the blog, on my Blackberry, it is such a uncanny coincidence that I was actually sitting at the home of my collector friend, with the very record in my hand. This blog has over song posts by now.

tore naina rasile katile haye ram

Wondering what to do, I was just browsing through the collection again when I chanced upon another raj of the same song. So only one song remains to be covered in the blog. You are commenting using your Twitter account.