And, the rumour mill has been agog as to the reasons for the group’s split. Watch artist interviews here. Tony Tetuila, Idris and Eddy was, for a very long time, forthcoming with details of their quarrel. Nigerian Music Tony Tetuila. The profile of The Remedies continued to soar until things fell apart. The group was the toast of DJs and it dominated the Nigerian airwaves for months.

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Morning Hetuila, the title track and Omode Meta have been instant hits. This reaction wasn’t surprising given his antecedent with The Remedies. Cerca i testi delle tue canzoni preferite Trova.

And, no social event was considered complete without a rendition of, at least, a track from The Remedies hit debut effort.

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Cognome Compilare il campo Cognome. This action cannot be undone! We publish news and views ranging from vigorous opponents of governments to government publications and spokespersons. They were invited to play live at parties and shows. But he has no plans of rejoining the group. On stage, he was always seen strutting around while throwing in a few dance steps at regular intervals while Idris and Eddy did all the singing and rapping.


As a member of the original Tetuuila, he was relegated to the background, functioning almost as a back-up singer. The nation’s entertainment industry seems to be better for it. Morning Time – Tony Tetuila. Manuel Agnelli – racconta il primo tour solista.

Morning Time

Tony, a practising Catholic, says yellow is his tony tetuila morning time colour. Home Base Tony Tetuila. E yo 2face This is another one for play… The lyrics can frequently be found here check the full description and comments or morniing filtering for lyric videos. E Go Beta Tony Tetuila. The selling point of the musical offering is the unique Nigerian flavour that comes from such unique blend of hip hop, rap and ragga. Il tuo account MyRockol necessita di tkny serie di azioni da parte tua per garantirti la fruizione del servizio.

‎Morning Time by Tony Tetuila on Apple Music

Right now, plans are on to have the group perform in a concert in South Africa. AllAfrica is a voice of, by and about Africa – aggregating, producing and distributing news and information items tetukla from over African news tony tetuila morning time and our own reporters to an African and global public. For him, the stint with The Remedies is like a preparatory school.


He was made to harmonise for Eddy and do tdtuila for Idris. Inserisci l’indirizzo e-mail fornito in fase di registrazione e richiedi il reset della password. Tony Tetuila, Idris and Eddy was, for a very long time, forthcoming with details of their quarrel.

Formerly a trtuila of The Remedies along with Eedris Abdulkareem and Eddy Montanahe split with the group and has been successful as a solo artist.

Ti invieremo un tony tetuila morning time di verifica all’indirizzo fornito in fase di registrazione. His love for music, he explains, dates back mirning his childhood days. Nigerian Music Tony Tetuila. Related Entertainment Nigeria West Africa.

Nome Compilare il campo Nome. Ironically, Tony’s financial contributions are said to be instrumental to the emergence of The Remedies. Ci occorre da parte tua l’accettazione esplicita dei nostri termini di servizio.