Dawn of Justice “. Superman and Batman discuss remakes and nostalgia with Detective Pikachu. The Super Cafe segment is featured in every superhero film the series has covered so far. Superman tries to convince Batman to go to Comic Con. That Guy With the Glasses. Entertainment , Animation , Parody.

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The Zombie Song – HISHE ()

Superman and Batman get into conflict with the new Star Wars: After Hollywood slams superhero movies for their repetitive formula, Superman and Batman discuss reboots. Revenge of the Fallen “. HISHE has received many positive reviews [12] [13] [14] [15] about its animation and alternate endings to popular movies. The series has however received some criticism from fans who believe the content is not up to par with HISHE’s own and could therefore damage their reputation.

On Halloween, the villains discuss their opinions on the holiday while stealing candy from trick-or-treaters who arrive at the pub.

He barely escapes after being rescued by Dr. Animated short films Parodies Websites Streamy Award-winning channels, series or shows web series debuts Crossover animation Crossover television Comedy web series YouTube channels launched in Breaking Dawn – Part 2 “.


The Eleventh Doctor stops by the cafe to talk about the events in Doctor Who: The series has been a success, both in terms of views and features, which include Ricepirate, OnlyLeigh, BrotherhoodWorkshop as well as Hank and Jed.

The Zombie Song – HISHE

Views Read Edit View history. In their first animation How Matrix Revolutions Should Have Ended was completed and soon after in July the website was established. Vogue’s 73 Questions The Winter Soldier “. IMDb gave it a rating of 8.

Infinity War and the movie hhishe blow the minds of the audience. The Dark World “.

Batman enters the lair for Villain Pub Episode 5 and whenever the hero invades an enemy base there is always a boss battle. Though it is thought to be based on Ozmbiethe hidhe are actually based on the final scene of Daniel Baxter’s favorite film, Swingerswith Superman standing in for Trent and Batman standing in for Mike. Superman and Batman discuss possible titles for Batman v Supermaneach title reflecting the heroes’ opinions as to who could defeat whom in the proposed fight.

Superman tries to sonh Batman to go to Comic Con. Age of Ultron Part 2″. Modern Warfare 2 “. Profile Pick and has appeared in both Fade In and Wired magazines. To the MoviesBatman rants about the film’s cartoonish and silly nature and the inconsistency in tones between various DC films. Retrieved October 30, Into the Spider-Verse “. EntertainmentAnimationParody.


Later, in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. VoldemortThe Joker and Loki discuss the importance of having a unique “look”. Archived from the original on July 24, Retrieved 22 February Batman is then taken into the cellar to be fed to the shark Jaws, who is comically depicted as talking in a high-pitched voice, chained up and stripped of his equipment.


TV Tropes27 December In those segments, Emperor Palpatine is the bartender and Bowser is the bouncer bownser. The segment was also used in the Nostalgia Critic ‘s review of Man of Steel.