Trabeck22 January 16, at 1: I have tons of respect for people whose goal it is to climb hard and almost none for those who have it as their only goal. We get to follow Adam Ondra for a year and a half, May to November , on the rock and in competitions. It was far from terrible, like some people would apparently have you believe. TheDanDan January 16, at 5: While the social commentary feels a bit odd for a climbing film, it is short lived 3 sentences.

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Guest January 17, at 4: Hard enough even for the best climber in the world I was tthe in the film from beginning to end.

Filmography miroslav ondra – MFDB

Nice January 17, at 5: People paprentice to the wizard apprentice ondra over this grade obsessed shite. Iain January 18, at 2: The bouldering segment was pretty crazy. We get to watch the joy and disappointment and get an understanding of what kind of determination is needed to do what Adam does. Cadykm January 17, at 3: They are pretty on the surface but most lack any real substance or depth. Eh, I just watched it and totally disagree.


You should be able to get it here as well: Sure i can still get value from watching because im obsessed abd can find enjoyment watching ondra work randon routes, but as a film i woukd struggle to give this movie 2 stars.

The wizard’s apprentice – worth the the wizard apprentice ondra. The ascent through the grades is the story of every successful climber. Follow us on Facebook. The significance of Ondra is really brought to light by Alex Huber in his commentary. Sid January 17, at And the narration was a bit odd at points, with some interjections straight from oncra ego of the filmmaker about how climbers are better people than non-climbers.

apprenticf This news story has been read 15, times. How to get started yourself? Brendan Nicholson January 16, at 5: I actually thought it was fascinating, the way the movie discussed climbing grades. Sending some with ease and failing badly on others.

The original plan was to release the movie in the fall ofbut as is often the case, that was a bit over optimistic as the work apprentiec a lot longer than expected. Narc January 17, at 3: Instead, I strongly suggest you click on this link and download your own copy right now.

Pen y Holt – Range West, Pembroke. The footage is amazing and the thought that went into the pacing and editing really makes for a great story.


Miroslav Ondra

Going from hard boulder to hard boulder with split tips and minimal rest. Adam is taking his A level exams in a few weeks. Petr wanted to return to his previous passion – adventurous and expedition film projects. The wizard’s apprentice has the feel of a true documentary, rather than a mock one if you know what I mean. However, common expedition was in the dimensions of dreams at that time, as there were no hard routes in the whole Scandinavia and Adam was focused on repeating the hardest the wizard apprentice ondra routes in the world.

A project trying to inform across the climbing world about the possibility of becoming marrow bone donor. Through the Huber interview, Ondra was presented as a vital appretnice the wizard apprentice ondra climbing, one who, through his effort and insight, brings a bit of stability to the entire nebulous concept of climbing grades.