I was told by some friends to order the Storm, as they like it. Contrary to public belief, the unit in the teaser video we posted was not a Verizon unit, it was a Vodafone unit our good friend Marc J. Its delayed at times and also if you dont have a good signal it does not work at all, or update your route if you go the wrong way until you get a signal again. Forget the screen taking forever to correctly orient itself, the screen would show garbled images when you tried and flip from portrait to landscape sometimes. The original review says that the battery life is excellent, however, I do not agree. Save for the adhesive that holds the bottom and top front panels on, this thing is iron-tight. What makes matters worse is that like we mentioned, scrolling stops when your finger stops.

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You can check our hands-on with the new update here.

Can I download audio books e. As stated above, if you change some of the default settings, it works really well. So far I love it, the only con. A soft reset to the device fixes some issues right away after it has been activated. Phone calls were crisp, clear, and the twlenav is really well designed.

TeleNav GPS Navigator Now Available on the BlackBerry Storm

Need we say more? Afterall, there will be software and firmware updates in the coming weeks and months. I thought your review was very stuck up and you need to get back to how you use to do reviews. The turn by turn voice navigation is excellent – i had my Storm paired up to my car’s bluetooth headunit and the A2DP control is superb!! Storm is a POS. Something about the touch input makes this version of Setup Wizard feel 10x better than other ones.


Like a lot of money.

In terms of everyday use, this is again going to depend on how much you need to get done, and how much time you have for errors. Navigator is better than a lot of the Garmin and TomTom units I have tried.

Gripes This might just be me personally, but I absolutely hate the fact you can not disable auto-rotation of the screen. Threaded Chronological Newest first Always view all comments Save.

I cannot see the circuit board. The weight isn’t bad.

Recommended Map App for BlackBerry Storm: Google Maps

Something else that is incredibly annoying is the fact that your data coverage indicator, not the actual bars of reception, drop in some applications.

WordMole, instead of using the trackball to select letters to spell, lets strom use your finger to select them. Same thing with VZ Navigator, it might not look as pretty as the others, but it actually works and in the end that is telenag most important thing. The shortcut keys on the bottom are very necessary and helpful, as is the scroll buttons.

Dont buy this phone!!!! Apple should stop making iPhone cases. I can say the hype was more than the phone had blackbeerry offer but what device hasnt? How blacberry the hell are you supposed to scroll through an insanely long webpage? Nothing will beat Brickbreaker on the with the trackwheel, though. God knows how we loathe this damn thing and how annoying it is, but we have to admit, this tweaked version is just what the doctor ordered for any new BlackBerry user.


At the LOGIN screen, your phone number will already be registered however i had to add my country’s area code i. You can see telenav gps navigator blackberry storm 2 checkered pattern of dots on top of the touch panel. It hinders your mobile device experience, in our opinion, if you are a raging lunatic on your BlackBerry.

TeleNav GPS Navigator – GPS Navigation On Blackberry –

This is a free trial link so far so no Activation Code required for those who haven’t had an account with Telenav. There are around 18 x 12 dots on the screen, presumably how the touch panel registers etlenav inputs. For instance, you can swipe left or right to flip through emails, texts, BlackBerry Messenger conversations, IMs, etc.