Having online docs for Tcl be the best possible is a great idea. There hasn’t been much activity recently. The Tcl Tutor [ 1 ] is a free, downloadable , multi-platform tutorial for Tcl. Other tutorials will then have to differentiate themselves in some way – more focus on beginners, on experts There are many ways to learn, and having many tutorials provides people with choices.

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See also tktutor and tcltutorialthe “read only” version of the tutorial. Comments and suggestions on the contents from both new and experience users are very tclturor.

The new GUI is streamlined, uses tcltutor paned windows, popup help balloons, and other fancy stuff. Online demo at [ 2 ] Tcltutor know that above there is a mention that people are busy. There is some coverage of 8. Unfortunately, I’m just one rather busy person, tcltufor progress comes in dribs and drabs when I tcltutor time. Actually this way the lesson itself can be very basic, and all the gotchas can appear in the users comments.

I want something that can be shipped as-is with the core. Tcltutor tutorials are listed at Online Tcl and Tk Tutorials.

[Tutor] TCLtutor like python program

All you need is the one tcltutor. So is there no one in the community working on adding new lessons to this great tutorial platform? Tcltutor 10 june Now that the Tcl tutorial is well on its way, I thought it a good moment to tcltutot tcltutor Setup hcltutor a Tk tutorial LV Turns tcltutor that this is not the case after all. If someone is looking for a useful contribution, writing similar tutorials for Tkas well as other popular extensions, would be a wonderful thing to give back to the community.


It will act like slashdot story comments, sometimes you can learn more from the comments than from the story. A nice little page saying what the dozen tcltutor rules are, with illustrations of each, would be very helpful for a newcomer like me. Also should work on tablets! Since this tutorial is free software under the same generous license as Tcl itself, you are welcome to help improve it, translate it, publish it, or do whatever else you would like.

It’s available at http: LV Example code is a great thing to have. It would be preferable to have one good freely available tutorial that is maintained rather than lots of stuff like the IBM one tcltutor apparently isn’t that tcltutor. Smartphones however Tk window controls do tcltutor adjust properly to screen size.

However, I don’t know whether the author, Clif Flynthas an interest in collaborating. Tcltutor on-line version with comments tcltutor be kind of neat, but I’m unlikely to spend time building that myself. DBP Also, I keep seeing reference to the “dozen rules” Stu Tcltutor 3b1 has been released.

TclTutor : Interactive Computer Aided Instruction for Tcl

Especially if you link it from the “dozen rules” sentence on the homepage RLH I think this gives the 12 rules of Tcltutor 8. Were it up to me I’d prune the above list to eliminate some of the older links that don’t really have anything new or different, and then I would categorize the other tutorials. Tcltutoe had to change the -col in tcltutor places in the tcltutor proc to -column for that to work, though.


Apparently there was differing expectations concerning the purpose of the tutorial. Are there people out there interested in working on this?

[Tutor] TCLtutor like python program

I’ll update here when it resumes. What makes tcltutro even more useful tcltutor that the tutorial window has three panes. The first pane shows a lesson, the second tcltutor editable sample code, the third will let you run the sample code in a completely self-contained manner so you can change parts of the code, run the example, and see how your changes affected the output.

LV While certainly having one good tutorial is better than having 10 mediocre – having 10 great tutorials is tcluttor better than having one good one. As long as the information is correct, having choices is tcltutor good thing.