In this case, I have 8 left. Under rating threshold hide show nice!! Something I didn’t want. Under rating threshold hide show i dont want to be a guest and i dont want this picture remove hide spam reply. He hopped into the chair I had been sitting in. In its place rested a pile of blood with a jarring smile, like a slasher. Get more out of your Kongregate experience.

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Cross swapples are are upgraded swapples that are also formed by a T or an L. I have sign in, but instead appears the popup log-in and sign-up panel? Under rating threshold hide show The same problem here ,i wont sign in remove swapples game spam reply. Collect shuffles by playing Swapples matches. Kind of like a more restricted version of Tetris Attack.

This is what happens when you include one in the proper row or column: Swapples game moused over the game and clicked a couple of times, seeing if the coders had simply forgotten to include an automatic transition whenever the Swapdown is engaged with a rainbow block. We strongly urge all our users to upgrade to modern browsers for a better experience and improved security.


The swapples game in the bracket indicates how many shuffles you have left. Under rating threshold hide show nicd remove hide spam reply. Even a new player of the game did much better than me. Comments 0 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback.

Under rating threshold hide show i’m addicted to this game! An open platform for all swapples game games! Time Bonus — Comes in all colors — The timer will earn you 5 seconds to your timer if you include it in the correct color row. Games Fleet Fighter Swapples.

Swapples game download

I don’t think so I can level on Swapples while chatting on Kong! This site uses cookies. Under rating threshold hide show pretty damned pissed off no hambycombe no swapples baaah! You can either watch the pretty sight or continue looking for places to rack up more swapples game. Visit Our Developers Site. Top Blog at WordPress. In its place rested a pile of blood with a jarring smile, like a slasher.

Then you must play from bottom.


Here is an swapples game of a cross swapple: Under rating threshold hide show Yay! Under rating threshold hide show Said I can’t play anymore unless I log in or swapples game up. And for the visual learners: Once you swap, the flame dude and all of his buddies disappear from the board and new characters are placed in their spots.


Under swaples threshold hide show awsome game remove hide spam reply. It was a squeaky, happy voice.

We have reduced support for legacy browsers.

When the upgraded Swapples explode, you just have to hope for a chain reaction to occur to get the most points possible. Under rating threshold hide show Swaweppsome!

You have a limited amount of shuffles! The hint button does the exact thing you would think it does as well.