Shiva Ratri Tala Kaharwa – 8. Lyase Mayju Newari Tune. Lekali Ho Choya Ko. No wonder the mangal dhun is so very evocative, and succeeds every time in connecting with the human heart, leaving behind the cluttered mind for a blessed moment of peace and serenity. Melodies of Nepal – Ghansi.

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SurSudha Music Powered By: Sur-Sudha also has a package of meditation, peaceful music, healing music and chanting music.

Welcome to Sur-Sudha

Shiva Ratri Tala Kaharwa – 8. In the International front, Sur Sudha’s music is widely recognized by music companies, Sur Sudha is coming with new album dedicating to Mt. Sur Sudha four sons of Nepal.

Sur Sudha – Dhyana. Tihar Tala Darda – 6 Beats. Mayalu Ko Mohani Boli. Sur-Sudha’s music is a package of the representation of all the communities of Nepal including from the highest peaks of the Himalayan range to the lowest land of Terai. Shiva Ratri Tala Kaharwa – 8 Beats.

Sursudha Video highlight program events calender listen music Contact us. The sitar is capable of conveying so sur sudha dhun emotions; it is an almost magical instrument.


Your email address will not be published. Bada Dashain Mangal Dhun. Talking about Mangal dhun, as the author mentioned is played during auspicious occasions like a wedding ceremony. Song Of The Fisherman. Bhim Palasi Semi Classical. And top of that it also presents a modern fusion compositions including acoustic guitar, tabla, sitar and flute. Simsime Panima Folk Sudhaa.

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The tabla provides the solidity of unwavering rhythmic beats, enabling its sudya half to go all out in exploring the depths of already deep emotions with its tremendously expressive sounds conveyed through sharp but extremely sensitive chords. Once, I received a curious query from someone I knew in America; he wanted to know about the origin of the mangal dhun, one of the most familiar tunes in Nepal.

It is especially able to bring out deep emotions related to tragedy, grief, and lost love, and is equally capable of creating uplifting tunes of new-found love, the suhda spirit of humankind, and the inherent harmony of nature in an ideal world. Nao Ta Mero Akkale. Everest print and electronic media through sur sudha dhun the world.

Home About us Awards Gallery Albums. Sur Sudha is an instrumental band from Kathmandu, Nepal, playing Eastern classical music. Chhatima Mero Yo Chhoto. Facebook Twitter Myspace Youtube. A musician at a village wedding in Nepal. Raga – Part 1. Lyase Mayju [Newari Tune ]. Sur-Sudha is also casted by 2 Grammy award winner director Mark Sur sudha dhun in his musical documentary film ” Playing For Change ” and the track is ” One Love ” which has almost sueha crores of viewers now.


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A Fisherman’s Song – 10B. Hariyali Mix Raag, Jhinjhoti, and Pahadi. Malashree played by Newars in Dashain is amalgated as Nepali music today. Sur Sudha have held more than 2, concerts, on the steps of ancient Hindu temples to the concert stages of many countries of Europe, India, Japan, S.