The process is straightforward: The rulers appear, showing the indentation and tab stop settings for the current selection. To use the first method: In this step, enter the following:. The book editor shows a preview of the PDF that will be created when you export your book. Opening a New Project Window Sometimes it is useful to have multiple project windows open. By default, Storyist uses the first-line indent formatting property to indent paragraphs automatically and uses the Tab key to change styles.

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Outline level properties are created in order: These new additions automatically generate new index cards in the storyboard and new entries in the outline.

And More Storyist provides a full suite of writing tools to take you from initial planning to finished manuscript, book or screenplay. Select the version you want, and click Restore Version. Editing Headers and Footers Editing headers and footers is as simple as placing the cursor in the header or footer area and typing your text.

Flexible Outliner Do you start a new project by writing an outline? Select the project items you want to export. A powerful writing environment for novelists and screenwriters Do you have a story to tell? Storyist provides an outlining tool that lets you quickly get a high-level view of your story. To view your story elements in the Storyboard view, do one of the storyist for mac Style Properties Style Name —The name of the style. Blank—This template provides a starting point for a project of any type.


Storyist – Storyist for Mac Users Guide

Remove first paragraph indent —Book designers commonly set storyist for mac first paragraph after a heading flush to the left margin. To change the color of an index card in a storyboard:. Adjust the page size and layout to your desired settings. Want to outline an existing manuscript or screenplay to get a better understanding of the structure? If you find yourself in the less-is-more camp, Storyist probably offers too much visual stimulation.

It includes empty folders to hold text files and images. And when you do, Storyist maintains your links for you. To add items to the outline using the keyboard: Managing Workspaces The Workspaces window lets you create, update, switch between, and delete workspaces. Open the Preferences window. Expand the Bookmark folder in the Project view.

Center—Specifies a center-aligned tab stop. About Setting Sheets As with other story sheets, a setting sheet has several sections: Storyist organizes your novel manuscripts, screenplays, research, and other project-related writing and can store them in the cloud so you can access them quickly wherever you are. Adding a Custom Field To add a custom field to a story sheet: These details storyist for mac many others must be exact.


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You can use the Mac OS X Fonts window to change font attributes such as typeface, size, color, underlining, storyistt strikethrough. New in Version 3.

Type a label to identify the bookmark. When you’re ready to put words on the page, Storyist can even display your index cards next to your manuscript as you write.

Storyist (for Mac)

Designed specifically for novelists and screenwriters, it provides:. With Storyist, you can: If you like the enhancements, please leave a review—it really helps! Back Button—Returns you to the previous item in your viewing history.