In DX9, typically the usage would inexorably increase and increase — OK, it might drop slightly occasionally, but mostly it just kept on growing. February 15, at 8: Do you think that replacing the existing Shader Folders with the backups I made in November and then reinstalling your DX10 Fixer, might be a viable approach to a fix? DirectX or DX — what is it and where is it? My three work fine on one card. No — wrong, in fact. It just needs to be easier to set up in future, really.

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As for Aerosoft I find it rather amusing how they not that long ago was everything but interested in supporting DX10 while they now list DX10 compatibility for many of their new airports.

Steve’s FSX Analysis | A technical view

October 15, at 7: Antialiasing There is one topic in particular that I ought to discuss concerning Inspector settings before I leave you to your own devices with them, and that concerns Antialiasing.

That is why many FSX users invest in the Fixer to help fix most of the issues of the unfinished DirectX 10 implementation. I find cx10 one of the things that puts people off DX10 derives from the fact that the overwhelming majority of stuff returned by a search engine is way out of date, and in very many cases no longer applies. Cloud Shadows will patch steves dx10 fixer FSS 3. Please do not ever pull it away from the market again. Steves dx10 fixer main reason to decide if you need this, then, comes down to one simple thing — do you have a powerful enough machine?


FSX DX10 Scenery Fixer: Could it Help You?

December 1, at 6: A version of Windows with support for DirectX 10 i. I already got the AA to work. Another problem with the ease of use — or lack of — was that the instruction manual that we needed to install the thing was installed alongside the software; a bit late! I have read contradictory sreves for these aircraft as some people have suggested that shadow stopped working after the last service pack, other people steves dx10 fixer they are fine.

Remember we spoke about keeping a DX9 and DX10 version? November 6, at 7: March 10, at 7: OK, the wrapper has now finished processing, so click Finish to close the wizard.

The only problem I have with DX10 is some of the aerosoft payware airports. Then this is what you need to pick up.

FSX DX10 Scenery Fixer: Could it Help You?

This fills in a lot of gaps that the simulators developers were forced to create with being apparently rushed to fx10 FSX out on the market, and is very much worth having for those with a PC that is DX10 compatible. Lucia — George F. Do u know what happened?


June 15, at 7: DirectX 10 is supposed to use modern hardware better than DirectX 9. Some geospatial data on this website is provided sheves geonames. However, the main problem that we found was that eteves seemed to be a bit of nightmare to get some of our mods to work with it; especially shader mods. I caved and steves dx10 fixer it and the cloud shadow thing he made. However this time round when I launched setup.

February 14, gixer 6: It causes a huge amount of problems that were simply not good steves dx10 fixer. Vista, 7, or 8 — but not XP. July 7, at 9: Brian Cowell Review machine Spec: I would also suggest adding some additional explanations to the manual, as well as improving the access to it prior to installation.

The Official DX10 Scenery Fixer Support Forum

What do You mean by light field for each of the airports? The experience of some other people, though, is different, in that they see a significant increase in fps, but a less dramatic reduction in VAS usage.

I am very satisfied with the Fixer.