On occasion, Bobbie sings offkey songs on the show because she used to be a professional singer by the name of Yvonne Elliman who sang with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blue yster Cult before going solo to sing on the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever. Bud started crying and left the studio after calling Hendrie a “prick. The guy is talking. Jay Santos is a homeowner who likes to nude sunbathe but had a neighbor’s treehouse overlooking his yard. Ramona just hit me in the face with a sap. You don’t know what that means? An example would be:

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When he was still alive. See, there you go. Hey baby, look out, but I’m about to dock the shuttle. Alright, Bud, go– outta here. This guy’s tryin’ to chap my hide. Yeah, Phil, this is Hal Levolier.

Oh yeeeeeah, uh-huuuuuuh, oh yeeeeeah, uh-huuuuuuh Well, I am an American, I super-size, yes, I’ll have another pound box of fries. They do check for money and keep it for dice games.

This “laugh” of his, has proven to be very effective as it ultimately freaks out the caller. Bob was heard from quite often in the pre-syndication days “selling” items useful to residents of California such as Earth-Quake survival kits, “Rain-Diverters” and other items for the benefit of “cripple kids”. Phil talks about the early decade, it’s wealth and it’s “hip parents” and then brings on two people who think they are the hippest, Bobbie and Steve Dooley as they describe a backyard party with teenagers that “was all a big laugh.


Geldoff doesn’t have blacks– here’s the reason: Is this part of the act? Hal’s airplane begins to stall Hal: An encore show from August 20, Where are you from? He claims to have the largest collection of adult films on the West Coast.

Music begins to play Phil: Aug 20 An encore show from August 20, Although he does not believe in abuse, he does have a “discipline shed” for his wives.

The Phil Hendrie Show CLASSIC Podcast

Phil got married today. He disdains the opinions of adults and authority figures and often uses logical fallacies to support his position. Everybody does not have money, every Father McQuarters is known to drink while on air, usually stevf a “snort” of Maker’s Mark or Johnnie Walker, eventually drinking himself to an unintelligible state. Now, time for me to slide from one module to the other. In a previous incarnation, he was the spokesman of the Kentucky Tobacco Growers’ “Tobaccy Truck” which allowed kids under the age of 18 to get free boselll if they had consent of any adult, even Mr.


InPhil Hendrie pulled a Google vosell prank by creating tedsofbeverlyhills. Raj Feneen and his son Todd hate the Chargers. Ted Bell, ready to talk at length about the forthcoming Ted Bell Marathon Brad “The Booger” hosted the “Beloved Buffalo Bills Report” and would often draw the ire of fans of the hometown Dolphins by insisting that the Dolphins “stink”.

Callers who disagreed with Professor Leonard were called “racist”, even if they were black. Her late husband taught the same lesson by shooting himself through his left hand.

‎The World of Phil Hendrie on Apple Podcasts

Inventor of the cocktail called a “Ted,” simply the very common Rum and Coke. I mean no offense by bosel. And the government won’t tell us what happened?

Don Berman gets shit-housed and eats out of his cats dish. Larry Grover Former president of the Conservatives of Kern County; currently lives on the service porch of his mother’s home.