From there you can drill down into individual workouts and overlay a range of custom metrics, or zoom out and analyze how your Aerobic Efficiency is trending over time. Importing anaerobic TE will help out in taking that into account. More about SportTracks It’s available for users with the operating system Windows and prior versions, and it is available in different languages such as English, Spanish, and German. Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. What is Training Effect? Download and installation help.

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Sporttracks 2.0 2 In the window that appears select “Training effect” from the menu and then select “Close”. Not ideal, because the 15k I walked are not adding to the overall statistics. Install now to protect your privacy. For the most accurate results it’s recommended to use a chest-strap HRM. New Garmins, likeprovide separately aerobic and anaerobic TE’s. This is what a Training Effect number means:.

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Download and installation help. If you access SportTracks with sprttracks computer, mobile phone, and a tablet, you can make custom Health page layouts that will be saved on each device.

Here are the Garmin devices that have Training Effect: This new configuration of your Health page will remain saved with your device and sporttracks 2.0 change until you decide to customize it again. We can assist by looking at your data sporttracks 2.0 detail. Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. This article explains how you can easily set this up, and how this information can be useful for your training and racing.


Workout had a maintaining effect. Even changing the heart rate has no effect. Sportrracks to access Training Effect in SportTracks As long as you use a Garmin device that has the Training Effect feature they’re listed in the last section of this articleyou can access this data in a chart sporttracks 2.0 your SportTracks Health page.

The current version of the program is 3. That would be a great asset and will help to track if there has been enough anaerobic activity in the past few weeks. The intention is to give you an idea how much of an impact your workout had on your aerobic fitness.

Training Effect in SportTracks: A new way to track the progress of your fitness | SportTracks

Training Effect also draws upon your current fitness level and other personal factors. How to accurately determine that you’re ready to increase training intensity. We do not encourage or condone the sporttracks 2.0 of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

You can add new panels by selecting the “Customize” gear icon sporttracks 2.0 the top left corner of your Health page. Weight, training effect, VO2max etc etc – they are all misaligned from the perf and load charts as they dont have this future part.


How can I get Training Effect? There are insights to be gleaned from using your Training Effect chart in conjunction with the Training Load and Performance charts in SportTracks.

Training Effect sporttrzcks a number from 0 to 5 that is displayed on select Garmin devices and found in the stats on Garmin Connect after a workout. No thanks Submit review.

Training Effect in SportTracks

This is what a Training Effect number means: Support is here to help! Browse the web up to 8x faster than Sporttracks 2.0 and Safari. Related Posts Measuring cardio efficiency in running and cycling. No thanks, continue to sporttfacks SportTracks. You can shoot support an email to open a support ticket if you need assistance. Depending on where you are in your training cycle, you can compare your Training Effect chart with your Training Load and Performance charts and their corresponding dates to determine if base training miles are being effective, if recovery workouts aren’t causing too much stress to interfere with a taper, etc.

How to make the most of your free trial of SportTracks. What is Sporttracks 2.0 Effect?