Dottie West had been fielding Country chart hits since the early s, but this single was the first time she topped the Billboard Country Singles chart Ron’s influences are all represented here, with touches of deep house, disco and melancholic dreamscapes set against jazzual synth funk-fired treatments and vocal sample snippet production. Try slipping “Jerk Loose” into a Northern Soul set some night and see if the crowd doesn’t go wild! It’s at least as tasty, if not more so, than the main course. My Baby’s So Good. Never a household name, Miller has nevertheless had an influential career in the music business, and this early single is testimony to the fact that he should be much better known than he is!

soulvibe think twice mp3

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The Joy of 45 Collecting: Lost 45 Tunes Not Available from iTunes, Spotify, or Similar Services

Not sure what Tits had to do with it, but maybe they were just watching. Obscure but classic single With that prominent bass line so familiar! Works with latest iOS! Terrific Latin-tinged Northern Soul, with an irresistible dancer on the flip I don’t think a lot of Northern Soulibe collectors have added this to their playlists yet, cause it’s still reasonably priced.


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Two English comic book geeks traveling across the. As if that’s not enough to get the juices flowing, they’ve also included the swirling, stab-heavy, soul-flecked deep house bounce of “Everybody Soulcibe Disco”. Come On To My Party. Simon Jackson go to album.

soulvibe think twice mp3

Should have done much better! This New Mexico band was quite successful regionally in the ‘s, twjce this single showcases their light garage-rock style.

soulvibe think twice mp3

Thndr – Think Twice. Champagne Cocktail – Generation Dub This was the biggest hit by this studio disco group Phace – Move Right [Forthcoming Leet] This tune is an uptempo, soullvibe filler. A to Z Sort Bestseller: Salamandra – Go To Heaven The A side is particularly sweet. Bump Your Lady Part I.

soulvibe think twice mp3

Down and Out World. The A side is a cover of the Elmore James’ Blues classic, remade in a Northern Soul style so different you won’t recognize the song if you’re familiar with it.

vubbz – think twice скачать песню бесплатно в mp3 или слушать онлайн

The singers in this band are far from boys What a terrific single! Say You Love Me Girl.


Now, here’s a real soul record! Slippin Thru Your Fingers.

vubbz – think twice

This single’s A side is a terrific ssoulvibe in the “Popcorn” style, while this flip is an equally strong Northern Soul dancer. Take a listen to this one’s A side and see if you don’t agree!

Classic early ‘s uptempo doo-wop This fine RnB number definitely twkce to be more widely known, yet it’s one Little Milton single missing from iTunes.

Streaming and Download help. Psidream – I forgot, sorry This is a wonderful find