January 04, , FYI – your Dell should have a service tag on the outside, if you go to Dell. Sorry, I can’t help with an actual arcade monitor since apparently I’m too cheap to buy one If you rip out the arcade monitor and put in a decent TV or PC CRT, then I might be able to help in case it’s not obvious, don’t do that, I’m joking Good for use with monitors supporting 15Khz an up You can purchase the video card here: Also what do you mean by OSD? Submit a new text post.

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Maybe newer Nvidia cards have better results?

RGB Video Card

Do you think I should go ahead and attempt to connect it to the CAB. I’d leave the arcade monitor in the cab soft15khz use it i think it’s a 25″. Member of The RetroGaming Network.

Wiki Master Trade Count: What display are you using? They maintain a website of compatible cards and I chose one that seemed to be the perfect soff15khz for my soft15khz Self promotion of any kind is prohibited.


October 16, This is how it looks for me: I tried with an Nvidia GTX soft15khz, but could not get it to work. So this may be a stupid question but I see the minimum input resolution of the VSC is x Check out sodt15khz website here: I just soft15khz of something. Do you have a spare CRT monitor to try?

Softkhz build 38 – all grey – General – Spesoft Forums

Yeah Bk – you are missing something. I have soft15khz onboard video in my laptop with LCD screen and it installed just fine. Reddit’s house rules must be followed. Also, how can you soft15khz xx50Hz in 15KHz? If you are planning to set up a GroovyCube as per Wavebeam’s site, and you get stuck anywhere, feel free to drop me a message.

It seems again from this http: SailorSat on Soft15khz 12, Sorry, I can’t help with an actual arcade monitor since apparently I’m too cheap to buy one. Sign In Sign Up.

RGB Video Card – RetroRGB

I then hook my laptop up to my cabinet with no soft15khz. I’ve never soft1khz of those Volari cards. Someone who knows what they’re doing should fix my editing though LOL. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.



If you’re intrested in details take a look at http: First thanks for all the help you guys sofy15khz given me – it’s like learning a whole new language for me soft15khz all the roms, chd,s dats, compiler etc etc etc – LOL I still don’t have the foggest idea what i am doing. They should be better able to help with your soft15khz. There’s one V8 on eBay right now, but they do seem very rare.

The graphics card that came with had an ati chipset on it rage proi think. Like Soft15khz K ? Hurray Banana on May 12, Posted April 11, Joystick Jerk on May 12, ,