All the steps are the same for all devices, we will cover iPhone. If you see a 4. Everything went well and it said it was restored successfully in ituen, BUT the device never came back on again. Oops, My bad Jon, have removed my previous comment. Thanks a Bunch in advance!

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Hi Enjoy reading your posts. Is it worth trying now or am i better off waiting until it is properly cracked? What you did is right at Step 9. What is shows on your iPhone screen? Are you sure you want to stay like that? I heard that when you jailbreak your iphone, you will NEVER be able to connect it to itunes to synchronise.

Make sure you use the latest SB version which is 2. snowbreeze 2.7

I have programs like installous, winterboard and PDANet which are available only after a jailbreak. No point in trying it out a 4.


Sn0wBreeze | Sn0wBreeze

But that is about it. If not, you had to. I created the 4. I used snowbreeze at the time. According to your problem, the issue is not related to the unlock or to the iPhone itself.

It did the same thing, open for just under a second then close. Ive followed all the steps 4. Hello i have iphone 4 — 4.

Sn0wBreeze |

Have a 3GS running 3. Got the phone out of DFU mode and somehow Cydia icon came back. Experienced users can also try update to iOS 4. You may first downlod snowbreeze 2.7 latest Sn0wBreeze from here http: You might want to try an iOS 4. Posted in Tagged with.

I just jailbroke my snowbreeze 2.7 3GS on 4. Then I used sn0wbreeze snowbreeze 2.7. Yes, we do need to run private servers for authentication which in this case is Cydia. In this menu, select Expert Mode and then you are welcome to experiment with any of the options in General, Custom packages, or Custom boot logos. Never do that mistake as doing so might render your iPhone useless in case your battery runs off.


Finally, i checked all the boxes: But make sure that you have set your hosts files to point it to Cydia by opening up TU, setting it to these settings http: You can goto http: Im stuck at that particular place and have been for like an hour or so… The Snowbreeze flake and the progress bar is visible on the screen.

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I have an IPhone 3GS running 3. Is it totally gone now? Download it from here: The restore completed successfully however I am not able to restart the phone. Just follow the guide and the screenshots closely.