Amongst those who will achieve salvation will be those who will know the Imam of the Time and will accept your teachings. Together we will carry on the mission. When the Khwajas servants heard the above preachings from the Nabi, they stood up saluting him andwere amongst those who followed his teachings. The Imam called Satgur with love and looked after him. His heart is always there in worship of his devotees and he wants good amount of woods on the Earth to develop food for Cows and all living things. Momins, Ali and Muhammed are one.

shri krishna kahe sambar arjun mp3

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Several townsfolk came down to the river bank where Pir Shams was seated. Their mother was Kunta who arjjun Truth and their wife was Dropati.

Krishna kahe sambar arjun (Shree Krishna Geeta) – Free MP3 & Video Download –

They will go through the Day of Judgement at their deathbed and their souls will scream in anguish, but shfi of their family members will be able to help them. Sheik and Sadur replied: They won’t be regular in their Dasond and they will never have peace of mind.

Bahauddin was sitting in his balcony and saw Pir sailing in a paper boat. Mother Kunta and Khae came to help the five Pandaws.

Momins, four Joogs four eras are completed and there is no eleventh Avtar to come. Then Hazrat Nabi guided these four and showed them the right path; asked them to acknowledge Ali as Allah and to pay their Dasond regularly.


shri krishna kahe sambar arjun mp3

Remember Momins that three Joogs have passed and Satgur has come in the fourth Joog to lead you tosalvation. Both to men and women he revealed the God Manifest and told them to be honest in their dealings.

shri krishna kahe sambar arjun mp3

The Satgur from whom you have learnt about this religion, pay heed to what he has to say and I am none other than that Satgur and verily our Lord is the maintainer of all beings. The unbeliever cannot believe that.

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You can read any PDF file just two clicks. Without Aruun there is no salvation so heed Me Momins, for I am being emphatic. Our father’s head grew antlers and we have come to request you to get rid of them.

Your mind will be involved in Maya worldly affairs and no one will think about Ginans.

Moman Tchetamni – 1 – Full Translation with Transcription | – Heritage F.I.E.L.D.

Pir Hasan Kabirdin replied: Movies Name – Download as Word Doc. Who will be those souls?

You called the sun down to cook the meat and the heat made the area around it burn too. The true followers of Brahma are the ones who follow the religion properly.

shri krishna kahe sambar arjun mp3

Pir Shams asked them their names. Dasond is a tenth of your earnings for the Imam and that is for his material upkeep and food ahar and the fortieth of your earning is for Pir, for Pir has dedicated His life for you. Those who will beware and detach themselves from the worldly going-ons, will observe Dasond and their religious duties, and recognize the Imam of the Time. I was angry at your father for he caused my boat to get wet and to punish him, I have him the antlers.


They will need True Guru to guide them, otherwise kirshna will go astray. Get krisha in your work for the twelve hours of the day Chaar pahor and whatever you earn be satisfied with it and pay Dasond from it. Those who will sink in that ocean, their Eji Teni nav dubavi nakhode Jene gur thai ne lidho che aahar Te khevanhaaro khoto sammbar Tena bunra boreya aapaar Cheto Only you can give all my sins and convert me from a fallen woman to a bride.

These are the Momins who have not walked the path of Satpanth and I am beseeching them. Those who have aimed low and given way to their base instinct, find their mind wandering and their boat capsizing. Since that day Hazrat Ali opened His mouth wrjun has become our leader check this word. Hindus believe in those scriptures and base their alm-givings ajrun that. Thus Bahauddin could not pull his head back due to the antlers and he became very anxious and nervous.

People have succumbed to their vices and they believe in evil spirits.