So if you had a network that always, and we mean always, showed a logo during the show and never during a commercial, you could crank up the confidence on the Show Logo and the No Logo and get much better results. Both had 2 commercial breaks that were off by around seconds. The Matches settings help determine which short segments are commercials or pseudocommercials, so a 30 second segment is divisible by 15 so it is a match, in addition the defaults are 10, 20 and 25 seconds. Last edited by blade; at CadErik Sage Advanced User. But logos aren’t the only way to determine if a block is a commercial, other tell tale signs are the number of audio channels and the length of the blocks. Then under Condition 1 make it say “If file name contains Rules of Engagement” and finally check the Enabled check box and hit save.

showanalyzer schoolhouse

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So yeah, not easy at all. I downloaded both, both seem to do a good job The Missing Logo Search Time is the amount of time ShowAnalyzer keeps searching for a logo it has detected before it assumes the logo it previously found is useless. Guess it’s how the cable companies control our ability to record the movies and shows.

The Border settings top, bottom, left, right are the percentage of the screen that is ignored when looking for logos. User Name Remember Me? Lets take the default. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Board index Software General Software. Bottom line with Audio is don’t mess with it unless you’ve already tried everything else without success, but odds are you never will.

My ShowAnalyzer settings | David Vielmetter

The Length settings determines how likely a block is to be a commercial based on its length. Classifier So once ShowAnalzyer uses the audio and video settings to break up the show into blocks, it uses the classifier showanaltzer determine which blocks are part of the show you want to watch and which are commercials. Sync error is how far apart, in seconds, a blank frame and a quiet point can be and still be considered related. You can even share your specific settings with others, you know, to show everyone how smart you are.


Sadly the fastest way to determine the luma is to open a recording in VideoReDo and get a time code for a black delimiter before a commercial and then use a SQL viewer to look at the history file and it’ll tell you the luma and deviation.

If you want to override the defaults you click the check box and then adjust. If you look in the ShowAnalyzer database and see the luma dropping real low and the audio is dropping real showanalzyer, but in the divider table there is no entry for it, it could be because they are half a second apart.

How to tweak ShowAnalyzer to percent commercial detection accuracy

FWIW, you convinced me. Some logos are only on the screen during the show, while others are only on the screen during commercials. I’ve found they have a number of mods, but there isn’t any scgoolhouse guide” to using them.

What would be really nice is if there was an easy way to see what the Luma level of your recordings were.

My ShowAnalyzer settings

I like the fact that it gives me option to create menu screen with custom background and title buttons. So if ShowAnalzyer was struggling to determine if a block was a commercial it would use the value of the previous blocks to guess, these are the Showanzlyzer from showanaylzer show to a commercial. I’d like to setup commercial skipping on my sageTV setup and there seem to be two solid alternatives: The Confidence is on a scale of 0 to 1, this is the block’s score we talked about before.


showanalyzer schoolhouse

I’m assuming you were using 0. I thought schoolhuose development was dead but I guess I was wrong. The first is the initial segment that is never a commercial and the other is the last joke at the end of the show that is usually falsely detected as part of the last commercial.

showanalyzer schoolhouse

You’d expect a bell cerve, where most parts are the show are medium, some quiet, and some loud, but what really happens is a bell curve with lump on the low end. I’ve processed over shows now with comskip and have had zero trouble that you describe. This is obviously a simple example, but very effective for certain shows.

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I also need to figure out how to print a paper cover to go inside the case – thus far I’m taping on a small note, but that doesn’t look very good either. Lots of stuff has improved in comskip – it’s been updated a ton in the last several months The idle option means it will only use the CPU when nothing else is using it.

You’d hit it and then rewind, so while nothing was lost, some are so annoyed that they’d just assume skip them the old fashioned way. Now close the configuration box and choose the problem file via the Analyze File option under the File menu.