It could be the reason this literate and punch-line filled monster of an album sprawls itself across two discs, and with Chino ‘s love of puns, wordplay, and jokes that demand to be rewound “Chances higher than Sean Kingston catching diabetes” all being delivered with his identifiable phrasing and flow, redundancy is an issue. Sleep in Scarlet Bernard Edwards, Jr. Black Rosary 8am Apollo Brown. Track Listing – Disc 2. Eight Beginnings Apollo Brown. On his latest, a hefty double album, he goes to lengths to tell us just how great a rapper he is.

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The rappers themselves are known to contribute to the xhino with varying degrees of irony, and some even create a second rap identity for themselves. Black Rosary 8am Apollo Brown.

After ricanstruction chino xl existential experience and a touching spoken word interlude by Mystic our Dark Knight rises vengefully, bent on destroying wack rappers and the industry that supports them.

Chino XL :: RICANstruction – The Black Rosary :: Viper Records

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Bad Man Bible Wyldfyre. Jazz Latin New Age. Over the years I have developed a more mature relationship towards my favorite rappers, but knowing how much acting rapping requires I’d never dismiss a rapper just because he wears a mask ricanstruction chino xl cape. Without going as far ricanstrucyion calling him the originator, we’ve witnessed various MC’s who have displayed characteristics that can also be found in Chino XL.


It’s almost impossible to be a fan of rap ricanstruction chino xl buying, to some degree, into all those antics and images. Streams Videos All Posts. The Hype Man Interlude. On his latest, a hefty double ricanstriction, he goes to lengths to tell us just how great a rapper he is.

RICANstruction: The Black Rosary

Father’s Day Apollo Brown. True to his rap persona, Derek Barbosa doesn’t let his relative obscurity trouble him, he still steps into the arena as a title contender. I always thought there was ricanstruction chino xl lot of truth to the ricanstructioj sequence to Big Punisher’s “Capital Punishment” album an excerpt from the movie ‘Fresh’where two kids engage in an imagined battle chuno the superheroes with The Punisher coming out on top, naturally.

Hell Song DJ Romes.

Gone Izzy the Kid. Latino’s Stand Up [Remix]. Little Man Bernard Edwards, Jr. Silent Art Child Southpaw. Can Be Apollo Brown. Buried in Vocabulary Level Still, a material-starved fan won’t complain as redundant doesn’t necessarily mean low quality, and whether one should drop “It’s Not Too L8te” for the similar-sounding “N.

Eight Beginnings Apollo Ricanstruction chino xl. Chino XL has been one of my rap heroes, precisely in his assumed role of superhero. The Black Rosary was promised and previewed way back inspending three years on the shelf before finally seeing release in Wicked Church Toba Beats.


Have 2 DJ E-Swift. Broken Halo Sid Roams. But also most primary rap personas allude to superhuman qualities, or at the very least some kind of excellence that elevates them above ricanstruction chino xl mere mortals. Closer to God Oh No the Disrupt.

Sexy Trippy All Moods.

The highlights are way high, everything else works well to very well, but to work best, this Ricanstruction takes some reconstruction so bring your patience. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. But I too have been susceptible to rap hero worship. Missing You 8 P. He wields his silver tongue with surgical precision, letting loose cbino well-timed barrage of bars dipped in sarcasm and ricanstruction chino xl with a deep sense of superiority, invariably reaching a high density of wordplay and punchlines.