Records general notes, names of other tests. RS also exports text to a word processor. Exner and Weiner as basis for scoring and interpretation. All of the variables selected for the R-PAS have been used by others in the past, either as part of previous systems for using the Rorschach, or as stand-alone independently coded variables. This page was last edited on 22 July , at

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Rorschaach is no longer involved with the program and did not write the narrative. These behavioral codes are included as it is believed that the behaviors exhibited during testing are a reflection of someone’s task performance and supplements the actual responses given.

RS had it first — and has two of them. Psychological Injury and Law5, Please be aware that at least 10 of the rofschach about ROR-SCAN in that document are untrue and may have been partly based riap rorschach our earlier beta versions.

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Rorschach Performance Assessment System

Riap rorschach interactive FQ tables and Location charts. The manual consists of two chapters that are basics of scoring and interpretation, aimed for use for novice Rorschach users, followed by numerous chapters containing more detailed and technical information.


Journal of Personality Assessment89S2-S6. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some of the major concerns regarding the R-PAS include its psychometric properties, lack of current normative data, and the absence of independent groups completing research in rorschacb area. Prints the Structural Summary, Sequence, and interpretive report, riap rorschach selected optionally Yes Of course. RS displays the overview. RS help includes complete context sensitive coding criteria with examples, not just help with errors.

Invalid reports due to low R show the constellations but not the ratios, percentages, or derivations. Other comparisons are either opinions or are misleading. Please help improve this article to make it neutral in tone and meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. R-optimized procedures of administration instruct examiners to ask the respondents to provide two or three responses for each of the 10 Rjap cards.

This allows generalizations to be made between someone’s responses to riap rorschach cards and their actual behavior. We confess to not knowing what an unprofessionally formatted report is. Psychological Injury and Law 7: Prints the Structural Summary, Sequence, and interpretive report, each selected optionally.

A field is provided to record notes for each Rorschach response.

Rorschach Performance Assessment System – Wikipedia

Recording of verbal content Yes RS allows recording of the entire protocol and inquiry. RS is developed and written by an experienced Rorschacher who enjoys intuitive, enjoyable software, not by techies guessing riap rorschach Rorschachers think. Wikipedia articles with style issues from April All articles with style issues. Free riap rorschach unlimited technical support is provided directly by the author and can most often be implemented remotely by email, telephone, or fax.


Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice Although there are advantages to using the R-PAS in forensic evaluations, there are some reservations regarding its admissibility in court. To note, the authors did not create new variables or indices to be coded, but systematically reviewed variables that had been used in past systems.

Following Exner’s death, the council admitted that the current Comprehensive System scoring was in need of revision.

R-PAS Home Page

RS also prints the Client Report. In terms of updated scoring, the authors only selected variables that have been empirically supported in the literature. RS also highlights problem fields. rorscjach