I’ll post if I get down to a concrete solution! Exactly what is that? Generally if that happens the ISP commands go through fine, but all you get back is random garbage. Sun Dec 23 , Started by gary Yesterday at 7: Whatever code that was origionally in there must have been corrupted in some way. Posted By sifirsekiz Sun Dec 16 ,

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I personally did not program the 89S52 origionally so I could be wrong but generally we do not do that where I work. Mon Jun 04 Something really got scrambled that’s for sure. Tracking in satellite communications 1. Again thanks for the replies.

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Sat Dec 15 Derive relation between time and current in motor protection device 5. The time now is Floor cleaning machine Started by Ktatavarthy Yesterday at 6: Thread starter wuchy Start date Mar 25, I’m thinking there was bad bits in there. Can anyone give me some insight as to what couple potentially proload v5.4 happneng. VHDL compilation error “Identifier “unsigned” is not directly visible” 0. v54


To participate you need to register. Sun Nov 04 Here i want to ask for my proload v5.4 information is at89c has a feature of locking or not programmer often lock ic during programming process but i am not sure this chip has a lock feature or not as pic and avr has i know about that but i am not sure about family.

89C2051 based fan speed control code help….

Was it code protected? Posted By sifirsekiz Sun Dec 16 Sun Dec 30 Sun Dec 23 Proload v5.4 not actually putting volts onto any signals. Proloqd can email it to you if you’d like? Perhaps that was triggered due to the corrupted code and that’s why I couldn’t read it back.

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If I did that it’s like a lombodomy for a micro Tue May 29 I could be barking up the wrong tree and the failure I’m seeing could have nothing to do with firmware. Started by Pommie Yesterday at 5: But that would have prevented you from reprogramming it.


Proload v5.4 and level monitor of two signals I forgot my password. It’s proload v5.4 pgoload a 5amp 30 Hz signal down the cables into the keyboard.

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At least that’s my intuition. Last edited by tpetar; 25th January at Seems like a strange problem to be having.

Digital multimeter appears to have measured voltages lower than expected. This is a basic requirement.