Jul 14, Version 5. Fixs in BDA and Teletext parts. Should be faster if at you than more than channels. Removed dead links from Internet TV list. Their first satellite, AsiaSat-1, was launched in April of and was the first Asian private, regional satellite, pioneering satTV broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Now possible mark channel in context menu.

Internal changes in installer. Thanks SASH for first version! Update Prog Media Server and client. Verso 4 will be presented potential which will include globe changes in MyTheatre store bread as h.

WinLicenes protection for x64 version.

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Surrounded by boxes of smart cards and thousands of dollars worth of microscopes and computers used for researching chips, he talked excitedly at lightning speed about his strange journey, which began in a top-secret Pentagon communications center, and ended with him working both sides of a heated electronic war over pay TV.


Support of Hauppauge RC, new style progdvb 5.15.2 channel list for show satellite positions,fixes. Synchronisation of subtitles provdvb improved. Support of Digital Devices and Gotview. Some fixes and changes in API.

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Aug 16, Update of Engine for better support of not TS formats mp4,rtmp, Lot of small fixes. Jul 6, Version 4. Jul 27, Addition indicator on statusbar. Jun 7, New power OSD dialog progdvb 5.15.2 channel list.

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Fixed 5.15.22 impotant bugs. Important fix of PLP How to record anything on your screen using th Jun 3, Update German localization. I tried an earlier version 18 months ago and was unimpressed and uninstalled it.

Little changes in the interface. Set of internal architectural changes and optimization. Flexible adjustment of subtitles through special dialogue. Scheduler with progdvb 5.15.2 of record of several channels at the progdvvb time. Oct 29, Fixes Aug 22, Update of network modules. Sep 8, Add support of 10moons products.


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Many important fixs and improvements. Removed dead links from Internet TV list. Apr 14, Download s: Dec 11, New implementation of scheduler. Rating Rating from Support links to mp4 over GDCL. Apr 9, Fixes.