Currently allows changing only resolution and sound effect count free editing, not limited options. As always, volunteers for translations are most welcome French and Spanish already have a candidate, but that leaves many languages to choose from. NET detection, and allows installation to continue if the detection fails. Added an RSS feed for the news items; this allows you to add live bookmarks or to put the news items on your Google home page. POLUtils is now available as two separate builds – one for x86 bit systems and one for x64 systems no Itanium build, sorry. The data browser has 2 settings of its own not currently preserved between runs – you can opt to see a more detailed progress report e. There is a new “Fade Out 10 seconds ” loop option.


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For all I know it could be a pet damage or summon time multiplier.

Polutils Ffxi

Eh nvm the people at windower are probably in contact oplutils him more. There is a new “Fade Out 10 seconds ” loop option. Plans For Next Release Overhaul the macro editor. I uploaded a fresh installer, which returns pooutils the “old-style”. TetraMaster image viewer – allows viewing and extracting of the image files of Tetra Master. It’s fairly light on new features; the main thing is a complete rewrite of the core DAT loading code, to make the various forms of data accessible in a generic way.

Macro Manager – allows editing of character macro bars with auto-translator support. Currently allows changing only resolution and sound effect count free editing, not limited options.


CSV Item Export now puts in Description as poluhils single multiline field tested import with Excel and Accessand will always include the item’s icon info. The installer can now speak Spanish and French thanks to Kapibara from the Phoenix server ; translations for the tools themselves are in progress, but probably won’t make it into 0. Improved installer; added warning message to make sure people only use installers they dowload from the official page. POLUtils still isn’t dead, I’ve just been doing other polufils there’s not much to report at the moment.

Either option slows down the file scans though, so they’re disabled by default. Pornography, adult, or mature content. The program is open sourced. Currently, only string tables e.

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The data browser has a menu now, that allows you to easily find several kinds of “interesting” files maps, item data, etc. This is the next baseline release; it’s pooutils much more than a. An issue that prevented correct POL detection on some systems has been resolved. In fact, one of the main remaining tasks is to rework the item comparison app to poluitls comparing other data too. I may release a small tool to “upgrade” existing exports, but it’s not a priority for me at this time.

In fact, I’d especially like people to do a Japanese translation – I’ll probably remove my partial bits of Japanese and Dutch translation from the next release. Note that translating anything except the installer requires Poputils Studio might work with Visual C Express too, but that is untested.



Note that you need to explicitly pllutils the tool to save changes; so it is perfectly safe to simply browse the macros. For example, in the case of the autotranslator translation, you can choose to keep the Japanese abbreviations e. If we cant find someone to fix this, every update there will be errors to spells and abilities.

Nothing spectacular, but rather useful. Too many to mention.

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Scragg Administrator Offline Server: I’ll be testing that out shortly; if all goes well, that means audio playback will be available on bit systems starting from the next version of POLUtils. In polktils, it will be possible to export the data from any file format supported by the data browser to XML, making it much easier to detect the changes made by a patch. CSV Export is currently unavailable.

There was a logic error in the data browser – if a second item data file was opened, the item icons of the first one were reused.

The data browser now has support for item data – not quite all available info has been figured out at the moment e.