Share on Linkedin Share. And the Shut Down menu offers options to shut down, restart, sleep, hibernate, log off, switch users, or lock Windows. From there, you can search for and install Restoring a file via Windows Defense feature: He started out as a network administrator. Install now to protect your privacy. An All Apps submenu reveals native Windows 8 apps as well as others you’ve added.

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All of the above options are accessible via either a pointing device or touch on supported systems. Open the drop menu by clicking on the sprocket icon in pokki start menu setup top right corner. Great on Windows 7. Share on Google Plus Share. Manually delete Pokki Start Menu from Windows and your browser. And in addition to this, since Pokki mainly relies on third-party apps embedded in it, like games and useful software, the company has stated in their privacy policy that they cannot guarantee what type of information the apps you install on their start menu collect from you:.

I love using it. Free Download for Windows.

Pokki Review

Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. The best of its kind. Brave blocks unwanted content by default and keeps count.


If you do that, bits and pieces of the program get left behind, and that can lead to unstable work of your PC, mistakes with the file type associations and other unpleasant activities.

The downside pokki start menu setup this layout are four preset icons for suggested downloadable apps at the bottom of the Pokki Start menu.

Through I’ve become more accustomed to the Start screen pokki start menu setup time, I still find the Start menu a quicker and more efficient way to launch any application installed on my PC. Don’t show this again. If no matching language is found, your start menu defaults to English. To add or remove folders, follow these steps: More reviewed on January 4, But the folder structure of the Start menu remains the easiest way for me to find a specific program, especially if I’m already working in the desktop.

While not necessarily crapware, they add unwanted clutter to an otherwise clean look. WinRAR The king of compressed files. Since the tutorial on how to do this is a bit lenghty, we recommend following our instructive article about fixing registry entries.

Windows 8 Start Menu | Pokki

They are created to help you remove Pokki from your computer. App downloads and installs take no more than a few seconds usually. Home App Store Support. Join our forum to discuss Pokki.


Menu Démarrer Windows 8 | Pokki

For Windows 8, 8. Unwanted and arbitrarily selected app icons mar otherwise clean layout; Link to store goes to Pokki’s instead of Windows 8’s. Review Pokki’s approach to a Start menu is a little bit of country and a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll. Each app in Pokki pokki start menu setup its own settings and must be individually configured and authorized in the correspondent web application.

Share on Linkedin Share. Clicking on the folder or library opens it in Windows Explorer. Operating Systems How to restore the classic Start menu with Pokki for Windows 8 The latest in a lineup of Start menu replacements for Windows 8, Pokki is a free, fluid tool for users who crave more than the new Start screen. And you’ll have to place me in that group. Still, Pokki is definitely worth a spin.