It doesn’t have as many features, and MP3 playback is limited to 2mb. Sep 24, In a cloud. I have a PSP It’s pretty pointless going in between those 2 versions, as you can play most if not all PSP games in 6. Only works on firmware versions 2. This is “donation-ware” – please donate to edepot.

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There may be some questions that are already answered in other forums, but at least with this forum, there are more pmplayer advance 6.60 just that one question. Hope this helps a little. I want to add my friend onto my friend list, but he has the PS3. It’s certainly better than the DS, but it’s not an alternative to PC browsing. Refer to the included readme.

What is it for? Haven’t tried online play myself on a PSP. It’s odd, but it works. Also included is the safest downgrade from 2.

Includes retawq, links2, and psptris plugins. Now supports faster AdHoc file xfer. Ok, according to http: I got a PSP As for custom p,player, that’s more complex.


PMPlayer Advance (PPA) – PSP Best Downloads

Written by Po-Han Lin. Will the PS1 games lag when played? The name stands for ‘Module based Shell’ and stresses the fact that this application is build with modules prx’s in this case.

Written by Artillery Team.

Lots of PSP questions

Packaged to run under DevHook-emulated 2. The freeware version of the PSIx shell. Sep 24, In a adfance. Crisis Core is in the PSP. It disappeared after I input CFW 6. Supports firmware versions 2.

This is “donation-ware” – please donate to edepot. Now with support for firmware version 2.

This will enable you to access the memory stick as well as the two internal flash devices through a web browser. No problem I became kinda obsessed with the PSP after buying one at the end of last year so I like to help out when I can.

Otherwise if each disc pmplayer advance 6.60 it’s own file, generally the games have you save at the point you switch discs anyways, so you save, then exit the game, and then start the next disc and load your save. SuperTux is a jump’n run like game, with strong inspiration from the Super Mario Bros games for Nintendo.


Can you add your friends who have a PS3 account onto your friends list? This will enable you to transfer www. Similar threads with keywords: How exactly does it work?

This second advwnce should work assuming all the discs were given the same ID when converting so they all read the same save info. Search this thread pmplayer advance 6.60 Search this forum only Display results as threads.