I like how the Pipeliner team has consistently added functionality that makes the experience for a sales user more valuable over time. You will quickly discover that the Pipeliner experience is not just the product, it is the people too! Pipelinersales Corporation is built on years of sound, proven business principles, ones that we did not invent but have implemented in our product lines and company strategy: If you need any other help or support, one of our consultants will be happy to work with you to ensure you have the most effective trial experience possible. Having said that, this is usually sorted in the initial set-up by accredited external consultants or trained system administrators

pipeliner crm

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Pipeliner is not only workflow-focussed, it’s also very intuitive to use.

This is a very visual software which shows you exactly what you need to know. Whereas Pipeliner is built for the Sales Force.

The chat function is a great and quick way to engage with support pipe,iner. Simple yet flexible and powerful. It is easily and fully customizable to fit the needs and process of each customer. This is far different from the traditional CRM’s. The majority of salespeople are visual by nature, so they learn the Pipeliner CRM system fast.


Typically they’ve been overly complex and cumbersome. Click here to access our customer testimonials and cases studies. For example we wanted to add a margin value field to each qualified opportunity and although this was not a default field it was easy to find instructions as how to do it. We purchased and implemented Pipelier CRM back in July and I was surprised to see our entire sales team dive deep into the platform without even taking a training session.

Everyone can see what you working on.

Pipeliner CRM Software – Reviews, Pricing & Demo

The support team has been excellent, and their marketing team does a great job of promoting helpful content as far as sales best practices and use of their product. And cultivated happy customers for life. A flexible and easy to learn product for my customer users to truly use.

pipeliner crm

Effectively manage and nurture your precious leads and transition them into the pipeline. Arne Sigurd Rognan N. I like the way Pipeliner keeps activities sorted, recorded, and displayed.

Integrates with Outlook Easy to customize and great reporting Cloud-based and easy to install Fairly low cost.

This way ot’s fast and gives access to your data anytime, anywhere. We would like Pipeliner to auto-backup client data to the client PC which could be restored in the event of a synch pipepiner. Pricing Milos Krocian T The Buying Center makes it easy to keep track of and manage everyone involved in an opportunity, even if they don’t work for that company.


Pipeliner CRM Software

For us Pipeliner has transformed CRM from being passive and dull to being an active and engaging experience. You get Increased visibility, efficiency, productivity… and sales. If you are selling consulting projects or long-term projects, this is definitely the best solution for you. I suddenly have an instant snapshot of my sales stages, what I need to do next, and this motivates me.

The most important thing is whether or not your CRM can mirror your sales process.

Pipeliner CRM Cloud Plans

I have no complaints at all. Information Technology and Services. Our directors want to encourage the sales team to add follow up actions after events. The Pipeliner team has been well above average in response times to technical issues and has often gone above and beyond the call of duty when correcting errors on both ends of the system.

pipeliner crm

Fantastic solution to have a clear view at any moment of the sales situation of your team. Pros The visual approach.