Hanggang na-realize ko it’s that mindset that drove me away. What’s important is God’s words I am sharing here. Anonymous September 20, at 1: But what can we do? Is there something wrong in reminding that?

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The song also reminds me of that gay-themed, romantic movie of Mario Maurer and Witwisit Hiranyawongkul where both were male bestfriends since childhood and got separated. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Pare, mahal mo raw ako () – IMDb

Anyway, I am back with the same verse, but not with stone. Will the relationship be the same? May mga kilig na kilig or tuwang tuwa sa poem na yan. Yet it hurts just as much. What’s important is God’s words I am sharing pard.

Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako

It is a matter between you and God. What is more painful is when you fall for the person you are not supposed to fall for your bestfriend. I decided to listen to this yesterday and I found myself crying the moment Michael began singing. This song is so heart-tugging and moving that you’ll relate to the song if you ever have been “friendzoned”.

This song starts with the images of so-called bestfriends, both males, one of whom appears to be crying.


: Classic #BestFriendZoned: “Pare, mahal mo raw ako, pero kaibigan lang tayo.”

The movie leaves you hanging and hoping to somehow have a happy ending. This condition is usually brought about by guilt. It is what you and I should always remember. Watch the Official Music Video here: You think I am being righteous. All of us must try to be. I just wish you know, if Mahql have the chance to relive it all I would stop.

Yo, so you think you are righteous with all your prejudice and that? What’s all these Bible verses all about? I know maybe in some way they have forgiven me and have let it pass. We cannot change the past.

When by chance they met again now teenagers Mew Witwisit now felt differently for his bestfriend Tong Mario. It still hurts me that those guys who once were so close now they probably hate me forever.

You don’t accept these verses as real messages of Pade The song revealed that during one of their drinking sessions, the cousin of the bestfriend 1 told bestfriend 2 that the other one loves him more than just as a best-friend.

MICHAEL PANGILINAN – Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako (Official Music Video)

Franz Osida September 18, at 3: Thanks for this song although I am angry it made me cry hahahaha. In its official lyric video, “Pare, mahal mo raw ako” has been an eyecandy for homophobes terrorizing commenters who expressed their connection to the song. Anonymous September 16, at 6: Wala namang mababago Sa pagtingin ko sa iyo Pero kaibigan lang ang pwede kong ialay sa iyo At kung higit pa ron pasensya na Di ko makakaya Pare kaibigan lang kita.


Have you been in this kind of situation? I think yooooouuuuu qualify for that. Pare mahal mo raw ako Yan ang sabi mo raw Nang minsan ay malasing tayo Hindi kita sinisisi galit ay wala ako Pare pag-usapan natin to. One word changes the interpretation of the song though and that’s the word “Pare” dude as the song now pertains to both male pare mahal daw ako unless of course if you are a guy having a girl bestfriend whom you refer as pare.