Maybe it would be better idea to buy JTAG adapter from other company with better manual. Arduino Robotics Lonnie Honeycutt. Hope it helps, Seyhan. Auto correct keeps changing my entries. Since I do not have the similar board like you have made for your application. I’m having the same issue, tried pretty much the same steps as you did except for Zdiag because I read it messes up other USB drivers. Trying to use configured scan chain anyway

olimex openocd jtag driver

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Open On-Chip Debugger 0. September 04, Here is the build command for scan application: This allow the driver to install, but I’m not far enough opencod to check that it works yet.

olimex openocd jtag driver

This connector is then connected to an Olimex usb-tiny-h. Tried with original scropt and SDK board with radio moved. You won’t have too much trouble finding workarounds for Windows to let you do it.

JTAG programming with Olimex arm-usb-tiny-h not | Cypress Developer Community

Could we be in the wrong mode? Not at my desk now. More precisely I try for several months. With custom board with radio and a cable to sdk board with radio removed.


olimex openocd jtag driver

I found OpenOCD already had files so just used them. Maybe it would be better idea to buy JTAG adapter from other company with better manual. Olimex made the hardware and it’s working drlver. Please type your message and try again. What is the correct install process to get the divers installed for the tiny h and sdk 3.

Others seem to have this issue as well: It’s Windows being a pain.


See previous schematic post for custom board JTAG and radio connections. Sunday, November 09, 2: The Related Media Group. This verified that I indeed want Vid 0x15ba Pid 0x which I got a clue about from the Olimex website.

JTAG scan chain interrogation failed: I also read Zadig can mess up my other USB drivers so I rather not run some un-known tool like this on my registry and obscurely mess up more stuff. Yes, please leave the radio JTAG pins unconnected.

Chris Original Message From: There are at least two lines to be added: August 24, In this case the serial terminal debug interface would work via existing usb connector. Thanks for the help, Dan In A You can not post a blank message. Remove from profile Feature on your profile. Before I got the suggestion from Chris partial belowI suspected this was the problem and edited the PID in the ftd2xx.


olimex openocd jtag driver

In effect you’re asking how to use ilimex USB device with Windows. I’m also not using Windows so life is easier for me. The above post says someone fixed it by un-installing libusb and letting Windows install drivers automatically posted by Divergence but I can’t figure out what exactly it means.