But remember you may get the support for only ojdbc7. Once again, your code should use the new package oracle. Trace to “true” to enable tracing. It is better to use the ojdbc7. Powered by Oracle Application Server Portal. Savepoints–Savepoints are supported in ojdbc Conversion is highly recommended as there will in later releases be features that are not supported if your code uses oracle.

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java – ojdbcjar for Oracle 12c supported? – Stack Overflow

This allows the user to include the NLS classes only ojdbc14.jar for oracle 9i necessary. Otherwise, unpredictable results will be received. The following examples demonstrate the different URLs. This restriction applies to all JDBC drivers. These character sets are: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. In 9iR2, this limitation is removed. If you wished to wrap the OracleStatement class in order to log all SQL statements, you could easily do so by creating a class that wraps OracleStatment.

Most reasonable conversions work, but not all. This means the Java methods used to implement triggers cannot have arguments of the following types: That class would implement the interface oracle.


When you use the Server-side Internal Driver, you always connect to the database you are executing in.

Does ojdbcjar compatible with oracle9i (JDBC and Relational Databases forum at Coderanch)

They are also supported in classes12 and classes11 via Oracle extensions. The workaround is to use the thin driver or to perform the needed operations another way. You must convert all classes oracel interfaces that are referenced by an application.

The other alternative is to use getUnicodeStream although the method is deprecated. Stream input for LOB types can only be used for 8. By converting your code to use oracle.

OracleConnectionWrapper, or base your class on that class. Open a connection to the database with the getConnection call. If this is not set trace output is sent to System. The following table depicts the supported combinations.

Trace to “true” to enable tracing. Oraclee Required, but never shown.

JDBC adapter for Oracle 8i & Oracle 9i Database

These new sample schemas are much more feature rich and so make it easier to demonstrate Oracle features. The names for the JDK 1.


At present it has a documented, but anomolous behavior when passed a String 99i. Also, you can enable OracleLog tracing by setting system properties. Additionally, these interfaces permit the use of some code patterns that are difficult to use when your code uses the package oracle.

3.2 Oracle 9i JDBC Drivers

Use of the package oracle. Post as a guest Name. The basic format of a service URL is: Jothi 5, 18 56 The solution is to increase the limit. These Datetime data types inlcude: New classes ojfbc14.jar name for JDK 1. Beginning in the next major release it will throw a SQLException.