Oxygen, Carbon, Di etc. Shiva destroyed Tripur which was an icon of evil and not a platform full of innocents people waiting for execution. Yet, his lack of ability to smooth out his story stays visible. His writing style has been abysmally poor in the first two books, but he picks up the art by this book. And fail it does!

oath of vayuputra pdf

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His Uncle had given him some drink when Shiva was a kid which Shiva conveniently remembered just now that would ensure that his throat would turn blue when he drank the Somras, which would happen only if he drank it at the right time Was his uncle psychic?

The only part that moved me was Shiva grieving for Sati.

The author has hinted at the end of the book, that he might write a book on Mahabharath. The character of Kartik developed in this book and frankly, him and Sati’s fight with a group of assassins vayuputea the only good parts. Lastly,the fo of the vayuputras was to safeguard the laws of Lord Rudra,in raising the next mahadev.

Wish Amish hadn’t strayed from the original plot. He showed no wisdom of other Vasudev’s we have seen in the previous two books.

Shiva blindly trusted Brihaspati’s version He was supposed to deduce vahuputra. All the relationconnections and events all of them. Why was Gopal the chief of Vasudev’s?

oath of vayuputra pdf

Mar 15, Richa Sharma rated it it was amazing. Logic of Parvateshwar, he says that he fights for Meluha, but by opposing Shiva is he not indirectly harming Meluha. The Somras is supposed to have such bad side effects on people consuming them that Shiva has to stop its production and the novel is about whether he succeeds in it.


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See what I mean? He is passionate about history, mythology and philosophy, finding beauty and meaning in all world religions. The Oath of the Vayuputras. I am grateful for oaty day I decided to read it.

The Oath of the Vayuputras (Shiva Trilogy, #3) by Amish Tripathi

I guess the story is set in an era before Indus valley civilization. Amish left the readers on such a high after the 2nd book that he had to hit a home run oathh this one or else, it was doomed to fail.

oath of vayuputra pdf

But preparation took its time. A funky mix of pseudo-science, pseudo-history and pseudo-mythology, The Oath of the Vayuputras marks a new low for this trilogy. No I would ven A funky mix of pseudo-science, pseudo-history and pseudo-mythology, The Oath of the Vayuputras marks a new low for this trilogy. The first and second books were much better. The first two books were really good,and hats off to you for making Indian mythology this interesting and this detailed. Yes,it was true love,it was vengeance,you couldn’t possibly have vaguputra Neelkanth more humane,so what was the point of ‘honour’ and righteousness thrown at our face in case of parvateswar’s release?

Mar 01, Dileep rated it liked it. Fantastically written and wonderfully woven with facts and myths that difficult not to appreciate it. Amar-Chitra Kathas were really good, in pfd.

In the series it is mentioned that Lord Rudra had lion like features, but there vayuputrq no explanation for it. There were brilliant moments in the story, moments where I felt the pace was as gripping as in the previous books, and these parts hold the book together for the sometimes heavy pages.


OATH OF VAYUPUTRA by Komedi Library – PDF Drive

It was fast paced and Finished one of the most awaited sequels of a book. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I clenched my teeth and read through this one. Throughout the first two books, we were given the impression that evil, in the form of some not-so-nice people, was lurking in the shadows, ever-growing, ever-menacing, threatening to disrupt life as they knew it,and it must be stopped at all cost. I find ot relevant in this age of Nuclear power, it’s potential to cause disaster to the very people whom it is supposed to help improve their lives and how the state uses the media and other resources to drum up support for it’s actions while discrediting those who oppose it by any means like branding them as traitors, having hidden agendas etc.

Since you promised a trilogy, discovering vsyuputra there is enough material for a fourth book is a no Within the first pages, I was haunted by the feeling that Amish Tripathi probably had the following written on a post-it that he stuck prominently to his screen when writing this book: Basically a promising hero becomes a zero.

oath of vayuputra pdf