Village List researched and compiled by Jody McKim, For a sample copy of a birth record include a SASE with your request. Franz Schneider Family Registry: Privlaka , Croatia Official – Reported in Slavonia region also. Visit to Novi Slankamen by Walter K. Julianna Willig and husband Jakob unknown last name , about Kupinovo late s Anton Sklena and Milan Popovic’ in Kupinovo late s, notice the native clothing.

novo rumaer

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The most important was the local Protestant church. A municipality in the Zadar county. Obresch Murder in Obresch. Name of the village comes from the medieval name ru,aer Hungarians Ugri.

In late villagers had just barely escaped from Sidski Banovci. Former Yugoslavian Villages with German Inhabitants: He attended the lower grades of the local high school.

novo RUMAER by Marcilio Massayuki on Prezi

They had developed a social life and a multitude of public institutions. BingulaSerbia Official Ilok.

Kupinovo late s Anton Sklena and Milan Popovic’ in Kupinovo late s, rumaee the native clothing. Robin Grube – census for Lovas. Tue, 16 Jan A suburban settlement of Belgrade.


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Obergasse Street Frankowitsch Postman. PrivlakaCroatia Official – Reported in Slavonia region also. Kupinovo images [click to enlarge]: Brad Schwebler Village Web Site: Part of Croatia was governed by Austria-Hungary, and some Hungarian exonyms became common in German, rumasr may be used interchangeably with the German exonym for a period.

Obresch to Camp Haid to America.

novo rumaer

Before the war, there were over ten thousand Germans living in Ruma. Today, the name Srem is used in Serbian to designate the region, whereas the name Srijem is nkvo in Croatian. SW of Ruma, W. Date unknown, but pre-World War II.

novo rumaer

On October 17, with the Sidski Banovci church-bells pealing, a caravan of 40 to 50 families formed and proceeded out of the village and into the uncertain terrain ahead.

Following his inner voice, he sought the way of his artistic capability. The residents of Sidski Banovci had some advanced warning from the German Army that they would have to leave their homes and evacuate the village.


No sooner had the Partisans set up their military government on October 25, when they began the roundup of the local German population throughout the area and began to liquidate them.

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The Cauldron – Translated by Henry Fischer. Beschka Village Photos – Gordon Geissler. Kupinovo Contributed by Andrea Ballreich Next door to the church was the school, which served as the city hall, and a bank was nearby.

Sotin Folks at a refugee camp in Llinz Indjija, Vojvodina, Northern Serbia images. Contributed by Eve Brown, 31 Oct RolitschHungary German Orolik. This settlement lay on the property of Count Pejacevic.