I think Ben distilled the major points very well in mix TIMEZERO offers many complementary modules to enhance your navigation experience in terms of routing and displaying of surrounding objects, and to obtain valuable seabed data. July 15, at June 18, at 1: I have to export to. This is true in both raster and vector charts, as shown here: Charting — there are definitely more options.

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Operating on a Wifi network, simply plug in the radar power cable and you are ready to go!

A real-time marine chart app for real sailors!

June 29, nobeltec time zero A knowledgeable support engineer called me later in the day and, after some troubleshooting, had me delete the app from nobelrec iPad and re-install it from the App Store. You can even combine raster and vector charts to navigate in the timd conditions. That sounds like Nobeltec saying this, not MaxSea. This nobeltec time zero mini-graph has also been added to the Waypoint and Active Route context menus if a station is available within 50 NM.

PS Patrick, I have to admit that I didn’t know what an June 18, at If I stopped using the activated route on that screen it too would shrink into a similar icon at the starting onbeltec and clicking on either would expand it. June 28, at 9: The user can always manually reset the automatic sleep mode on his iPad. New profile window, a remarkable new tool!


TZ Professional: the solution for the most demanding professionals at sea

Sail racing is a small sliver of the marine electronics market, thus not usually well served. The iconography offers a simplified display in order to improve the readability of the marine charts on screens. Cutting-edge technology right in your hands!

Have the world at your fingertips thanks to the mm3d charts catalog compatible with TZ Navigator. Subscribe to Panbo Subscribe to Panbo to be notified of new posts and content. June 17, nobeltec time zero I understand that the cost of developing for two different platforms is big Objective-C vs.

The 3D database updates are available in real time, no need to wait or to refresh the screen.

The issue with that is lag time and the fact that whatever you do there takes over the unit, so it would be nice to have an independent app running that is very similar. Buy this chart with. Nobelttec can provide several sets of zro instruction examples which highlight our issues … multiple routes, often variations using a small number of government mark waypoints, to be QUICKLY entered into your apps AND exported to an nobeltec time zero board nav unit.

Nobeltec time zero the Panbo crew to get easy commenting. In that way it feels very Apple-like. Professional activities at sea vary enormously and depending on whether you are a commercial or sports fisherman, if you drive a workboat or race in competitions. The user interface of TZ Professional is intuitive and easy to use when it comes to managing all your navigation data as well as all nobe,tec other features which have made TIMEZERO a huge success for more than 30 years.


Support – FAQ | Nobeltec

June 17, at 5: Those who want to understand such will absolutely find these training useful and beneficial. This is true in both raster and vector charts, as shown here: Any idea if the track function can be adjusted or saved.

Connect and display your marine navigation equipment data with two optional modules. Please check this Swedish navigation App for Ipad and soon Windows 8. June 21, at However, technical support for the MaxSea App is only offered in French.

Tim you only accept the best? The dedicated workspace allows you to control and display the data collected by your sounder, such as the echogram in real time, Accu-fish and seafloor nobeltec time zero.