The costumes however are suited to the song, and the new studio version is extremely catchy and she sings much better. Their national final stage, also great. Towards the end it sort of trails off though, and it could have done with a few changes for the JESC. I have an active life — sports, dances, education, I also dedicate much time to my lovely pet dog Umka. Katya is a performer.

nista licno onaj pravi mp3

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The third Sanden sister presents us with a professional and classy song, of which we have come to expect from that family. Malta has been stepping up the promotion this year, with the girls appearing in numerous concerts and TV shows in preparation for Licnl. I still keep in contact with some of the people I met at junior eurovision See them below, singing excerpts from every song in this years JESC.

nista licno onaj pravi mp3

I was very glad as I saw it as a chance to join the contest, to see and feel the Junior Eurovision Song Contest from within, to socialise with the participants and the organisers.

Then ditch creepy in a trance boys and get some frolicking ballerinas or something. First of all, I like children very much, and my first degree is a teacher of English language. Ioana has quite a nice voice to listen to though. But every year on the 31st of December I visit the Opera Theatre for the Nutcracker ballet show, this is my tradition.


nista licno onaj pravi mp3

That may be just me though: Francesca, Mikaela and their vocal coach Team jackets! Also, being older, and being the only Scandinavians in the contest. I love bouncing around!

nista licno onaj pravi mp3

I love singing and dancing too of course! The dancing was good though, on a better stage which is less crowded I can see Armenia putting on a very good stage show, which they need to make this a winning entry as the song is not good enough.

When they go to Kiev, if they change their costumes, be energetic and have a good stage performance, nisha should be very enjoyable to watch. They have charisma, though in a different way than Katya. Currently we do not communicate and are preparing separately. Belgium also had the most professional and best looking national final stage. Watch their appearance here! Do you link your career with TV?

Particularly annoying about this, is that many of the songs in the Romanian national final were just so much better suited to JESC, and simply much better songs. I am working on such important social problems as human trafficking, prevention of cruelty to children, gender inequality issues. Anyway, if they make this all hippie-like it will appeal to me, and look really cool.

How are you getting ready licnl the 21st of November, for the Final? You will be hosting the contest together with Artem Nikiforov, and your synergy is very important. I also pay much attention to my English — watching films, programmes, talk with the Americans who help me to improve my language level. German Amazon Buy it here for Bzikebi-like, after the change. This is all about the friendship, and I love it, and they make all the songs sound so good.


Armin Van Buuren Lifting You Higher Asot 900 Anthem Extended Mix

This year this will be a new feature of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and I am very keen on seeing it in process. Her voice and song is more unique than either of her sisters, but she seems to rely on a backing track for a good percentage of the song. Praiv older girl singing a ballad. If it were changed slightly I feel it could improve but.

Armin Van Buuren Lifting You Higher Asot Anthem Extended Mix – Бесплатно скачать Mp3

Click Clack is a very catchy entry from the Netherlands, with some fairly impressive tap dancing which should garner a few votes. The girls have a lot of enthusiasm on stage and their act needs little work, you can see their friendship.

The costumes too, are nice.