The Egyptian elements only shine through in certain moments of melody. The tone feels more like Nile is aiming for speed and technicality rather than brutality. George Kollias is a demigod of course so no surprises in his performance. Nile should need no introduction. I had recently bought a new sound card, and was enjoying a number of releases with a whole new sound to back them up with. People will always hate change.

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And these are easier to understand… There is still the actual vocals themselves to discuss, not just gatds style. Nile at the gates of sethu a bit scorching for the ears at higher volume.

George Kollias is a demigod of course so no surprises in his performance. All nile at the gates of sethu much more interesting than At nie Gate of Sethu. The major reason for this is that Nile are a speed based band. They have the great lure of the Egyptian mythology and a rather consistently solid back catalog, so it is surprising to hear all of this uproar.

And here is the mighty George Kollias who crashes every single thought inside your head and turns it into mania swthu his hammering hands, the percussions elements of Nile have been always interesting and professional. Sweden I listened to “Those whom the Gods Detest” right after this album, and it’s amazing how greatly they failed at production.


The vocals of Mike Breazedale are, of course, a talking point for critics of this new album and one which I cannot fathom whether I wholly dislike or not. Had the album for a few days, so far I love it. The tone feels more like Nile is aiming for speed and technicality rather than brutality. In Their Darkened Shrines forced people to realize how excellent you were at infusing choral sounds effects with metal.

At the Gate of Sethu Nile. But when all of a sudden I got in a Nile mood, I decided to give this album another try, and it was a lot better than I had remembered it.

They used ex-Nile member Jon Vesano a lot for the vocal work on this record. The bass still has trouble coming through, but I certainly feel it more in the mix during churning sections on the album.


Venom Storm The Gates. It’s one of the few aspects of the album that didn’t bore me to death. Nile is one of those bands who just seems to spew out one great album after another. Hitler does not get appeased.

It might ta a few more listens as Baz said. Another aspect of this album which leads to its undoing is the guitar tone.

Nile – At the Gate of Sethu Review

Aside from the vocals it doesn’t really do much in the way of progressing Nile along the musical path. Both Dallas and Karl delivers spades of fast riffs with exceptional precision. I agree with this review very well.


I’m agtes a big fan of Dallas’s higher vocals on Those Whom. Jason Becker Triumphant Hearts. Hell, there’s even one song they sing in only egyptian.

At the Gate of Sethu – Wikipedia

Vulture Industries The Ocean. Vesano back on vocals really adds a different, chaotic element brings me back to the Shrines era, which was a great fucking albumand I hear them experimenting with their sound a quite bit, which is awesome. Plenty of good melodies and catchy riffs to go around. And his technique seems to allow him to keep the dynamics in there just from sheer power when hitting the drums. As I mentioned there’s some really good tunes on this album.

The production of this album is wonderful though I hated the growling, but the mastering of the tracks has united the sound of history with the brutality.

European Summer Tour 7. Overall and really great album, a bit inconsistent when you listen to it from start to finish, but the great songs and compositions make up for it no doubt!