If you enable this cheat during the race, you’ll get unlimited nitro. Suddenly a policeman prepares his EMP attack. Activate this cheat in race to heal your car and become invulnerable. This board is for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Moreover you may even reduce the speed of your opponents. Ramming, distracting, disturbing-these are the methods of daredevil racers.

nfs11 trainer

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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Trainer + Cheats

Well, you will find out once you are about to escape from the police for the first time. For the very first time the massive campaign of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit offers you the chance to play as racer or as cop. What does that means in detail? Moreover, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit provides lots of weapons and equipment. The tasks get more complex and more challenging, but after each successful race you receive new vehicles, innovative modes and more destructive weapon upgrades.

If you activate this cheat during a race, all your weapons will be frozen, so you can use them for free. With these cheats you can force all near opponents to slow down to a very slow speed resp.

For further information please visit our privacy policy statements. You may instantly activate one of your jamming transmitters that will disturb both the weapons and the communication system of the cops.

Let’s see if you can get away with that…. Buy a membership and get access to more cheats and other amazing perks.


nfs11 trainer

It should be activated first, otherwise the other cheats won’t work properly! Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is fast, intense and packed with a lot of action! In addition, you gain all weapons that this game has to offer for cops and racers. Thus you put the pedal to the metal and ignite your nitro. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Trainer Need for Speed Hot Pursuit sets very new standards for all racing games that want to lock horns with this unique adventure.

Criterion Games Release Year: Features Incomparable final velocities, brutal take-downs and high-speed-pursuits Picturesque setting with breathtaking forests, coasts and mountains Share experiences, pictures and challenges trrainer with friends A number of vehicles, game modes and weapon upgrades Reckless high-speed car chases with brutal outcomes The most beautiful and fastest cars in the world Huge campaign as a cop or racer Best graphics ever.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit GAME TRAINER +17 Trainer – download –

In addition, you will become the master over time and can reject all time penalties at will. Impersonating a wicked driver of the most beautiful and fastest cars around the world you drive your speedsters through the picturesque coast of California with its stunning forests, coastlines and mountains. With these cheats you can increase your bounty as traienr or races by 5.

This game world will knock you off your feet. Ramming, distracting, disturbing-these are the methods of daredevil racers.


nfs11 trainer

Get the conversation going! Changes to existing cheats or new cheat requests can be posted here. These brutal action scenarios are brought down pat by impressive slow motion shots and atmospheric sounds.

Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit: Trainer (MegaTrainer eXperience) (+14) [1.0/1.0.2/1.0.3/1.0.4/1.0.5]

One of your pursuers rams you and your Aston Martin is almost useless. This board is for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. As a racer, however, you have to escape at all costs before your car goes kaput. In addition the weapons for the AI will be set to 0, so all opponents won’t use any weapons. Do you want to get access to all codes and perks we offer? There are only a few meters to the finish line.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Trainer

No matter if racer or cop, they will brake down immediatly as long as this cheat is active. No matter if guardrail or other traffic, you won’t get any penalty. You will challenge the most daring high-speed-pursuits of your entire life.

nfs11 trainer

This cheat prepares the game for other cheats.