Oh lotus eyed Mother, if you do not protect me who else will? Oh Rama the lord of humanity, You descended in this world as preceptor of the Vedas. Even the birth of celestial gods and learned persons without devotion to God is only a heavy burden on this earth. Why don’t you come to protect me Oh Raghuvara. Oh my heart, the nectar of sublime music pranava nadam has taken the form of a man in this world.

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The way Sanjay sang – with full of bhavam – it got registered in my mind instantly I was listening to this song for the first time and in fact I haven’t listened to Sanjay many times before this. Oh the protector of the world, who else can Nannu vidachi kadalakura approach. I am not able to see your smiling face.

Garuda the king of nannu vidachi kadalakura obeyed your orders and flew at once. Coming to the lyrics of this song, Sanjay sang like this – in the pallavi after the initial line “nannu vidachi kadalakuraa” he added some beautiful phrases “raamayya rama, kodanda rama, pattabhi rama, kalyana rama” then went on to complete the pallavi “raamayya vadalakura”.


I chant your name incessantly,Oh Rama vodachi heart is in deed your abode. He is not attached to anyone. Say ‘Yes’ Oh Lord of Tyagaraja. This body kada,akura temporal like a pot and is full of sins.

I experience the joy of a hail storm on a scorching day.

Tyagaraja knows that in this world. Why am I deprived? I told you about me very clearly and prayed. He came to give good news to Prahlada. You are steeped in spiritual wisdom.

Is it not nannu vidachi kadalakura pride for you? I have all hopes in you. The divine trinity Brahma, Vishnu, and Sankara radiate splendor by Nadopasana absorb in the divine sound of music.

They are worshipped for occult powers by some. Of course, it doesn’t matter to me even if these lines are not there in the original composition as they further enhanced the beauty of this extremely beautiful composition. Is that not a great gesture Vibheeshanamu? Knowing my heart, knowing that my life’s purpose is to gaze at your lotus eyed face, You have come. At that point, it starts sounding like a bhajanai to me and not a concert. He is the essence of Vedanta philosophy.


I heard of your great powers and kept immense faith in you. Oh Rama the lord of humanity, You descended in this world nannu vidachi kadalakura preceptor of the Vedas. You know my pitiable state.

Carnatic Corner: Nannu Vidachi

Why don’t you come to protect me Oh Raghuvara. Flat Style by Ian Bradley. It is like finding treasure pot unexpectedly while digging ground. Oh Narada, the teacher par excellence, why don’t you show your kindness?

Nannu Vidachi

You have the radiance of autumn virachi. They are adored by the mantras incantations. Oh my heart, the nectar of sublime music nannu vidachi kadalakura nadam has taken the form of a man in this world. I found that absorbing in the devotional music of Rama is the best means to attain salvation, Oh lord of Tyagaraja.