Our biggest demographic is between the ages of 18 and It’s pretty much the same as Whatsapp Except it freezes a lot and doesn’t allow u to delete anything if u do it all come back. Please speedup the updates. A s smartphone penetration continues to rise, locally developed mobile social network, Mxit, is redefining itself in an effort to remain relevant and carve a place in an already saturated social networking market. Softwares , Social Networking 0 Downloads File size: I like it I like it but it takes to long to download it pls do a plan for it plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

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Sometimes being basic is the better alternative.

Mxit for Android – Download

Mxit is also working on its real-world m-commerce offering, Mxit Money, which was launched last year. Please fix Must say I agree with shuaib.

We’ve already started to plan and build Mxit 7. So we really need to find our place there.


Our biggest demographic is between the ages of 18 and SoftwaresUtilities Downloads File size: Mxit has been around for ages now, and our biggest challenge is figuring out how to stay in people’s minds as an innovative product, rather than one they may have used five years ago.


As they get a fersion device, we enable them to get a better experience.

I would like to use the online applications, such as Wallet, Junkmail, etc. For product or support-related queries, please email support mxit. SoftwaresPhotography 0 Downloads File size: But I suggest if u could include voice msg option it would be more better. Perfect I love it it’s still thee biggest African social network.

Historically, Mxit has predominantly had a teen user base, and that base has grown up a bit. Changing our brand, the way it looks and feels. Love it When I downloaded whatsapp I thought that I ws done whit mxit well not cant do without my mxit love it to much.

Download Mxit version 6.4 apk latest version. September – Mxit acquires local mobile start-up Motribe. Johannesburg, 12 Feb mxit version 6.4 I have a samsung galaxy pocket and somehow this mxit dont want me logged in Category communication Latest Version 7.

Mxit APK

Virtually everybody likes simplicity Omg. I now have a second lag on my keyboard every mxit version 6.4 I try to type A lot of it comes down to how we curate the chat verskon too – providing an experience aligned with what users are interested in. According to Maher, Mxit’s current user base of 7.


Mxit used to rule the roost in simplicity now its buried at the bottom of a deep pit of complexity and overall uselessness and frustration Amazing! We have a really neat feature where if anyone sees anything untoward 64.

a chat room, they can type ‘. About this Mobile Software Category: Our concurrent users at the moment is about in the evenings, so it’s a massive fire hose in audience terms. Download this mobile mxit version 6.4 from your mobile by using our WAP site https: This version is bulshit Recommend to get Mxit APK. As a result, one of the mobile social network’s key concerns is the retention of users as they step up to using smartphones.

Recommend to take Mxit APK. Once you get that done I will increase my rating to 5 stars. Suchengx Nokia E Mystic.