File inbound endpoint does not consume inbound message when using catch exception strategy and streaming. A new flow should not be inserted only at the final, but in any position. Improved behavior of Choice Flow Control. The area to drag and drop elements in the exception strategies components are reduced when going back and forth. Unable to create a CSV lookup table when name starts with a number.

mule 3.3.1

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Big payloads may cause an OOM or flood the logs when there is an Exception. We mul extended the feature coverage for the auto generated OAuth 1. Migrating from Mule ESB 3. You can also check mule log inside log folder mule.

Unable to create a Log Regex Alert selecting a Server. The update wizard automatically selects all software 3.3.1 to update. You want to install Mule as a Ubuntu Service, so that it restarts when The server restarts.

installation – Installing MULE ESB mule-standalone – Stack Overflow

Problem with Studio and complex types. Sign up using Facebook. XML autocomplete uses a wrong schema alias.


Mhle appears when the data mapper configuration name contains spaces. SOAP and Rest components should have the shadow icon in the response section of the flow. Improve the Choice Interface.

Missing feedback image when dropping an element inside the choice. You could implement methods, as in the Facebook connector example above, for accessing protected and unprotected resources in the same connector. Pop3 global endpoint and connector references lost when going back and forth. Improved usability for the Anypoint DataMapper Transformer. Restore the tutorial example files. Response section is not displayed.

Name ,ule should be unique across multiple flow files within a project. If an input stream is used as a payload and combined with clustering, when the processing goes from one node to the other, in Mule 3. Drawing issue when deleting response block.

Artifacts using mule-transport-ftp version 3.3.1

Scripting file references need to be relative paths. When creating a cluster, all apps deployed using a server group are not removed.

mule 3.3.1

Oauth1 Adapter is not setting the access token and secret in the consumer when restoring the access token. Update the hello example template. Script inside script transformer being duplicated on save.


mule 3.3.1

Flow view does not mark as error a flow which was created in the XML view starting with a router. Data Mapper does not support agregation for CSV. New XML Framework branch: Add validation to check for accessors for OAuth1 and OAuth2 specific instance variables. Further, when you use OAuth 1. Problem with ‘All’ flow control. At this time, not all of the third party modules you may have been using with previous versions of Mule ESB have been upgraded to work with Mule ESB 3.

CVS to map transformer fails to find mapping file from classpath Workaround: Now mule server is running. Name is never added for the 10 elements mulw the UI neither in auto-completion.

mule 3.3.1