A man under the influence of pride thinks himself a learned, talented, skillful yogi and superman. You have taken birth in this world in order to recite the name of God. He shall restrain his mind, obtain happiness, and meditate on Him alone who possesses all qualities and yet possesses none. I still suffer misery for the removal of which I worship You, O God. I consider hell and heaven equal. Ravidass says, what is the advantage to escape from this rope of Your love? They go astray like madmen.

mp3 om sabhara

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Now what will You do with us, keeping in view our love for You? There is no difference between You and me, between the soul and God. They are engaged in self-praise.

mp3 om sabhara

It will be worthwhile to mention here that Guru Nanak Dev was born in the year A. Poison and ambrosia dwell together. I do not care.

चेतावनी भजन (भाग 5) – जिस भजन मे राम का नाम ना हो || Narender Kaushik || Chetawani Bhajan

Though my youthfulness has passed away even then I could not follow the right path. All souls are part and parcel of the God, who is True and self-illuminated.


Your glimpse is my life. Like this Karl Marx was years younger than Guru Ravidass. Every thing takes place according to His wil. You may also like these apps. What you have sown, you will have to harvest the same.

The self-interested topics are luring men in the sea of fire. I have sought the protection of your true congregation.

Shri Guru Ravidas Ji | Amritbani Satguru Ravidas Maharaj Ji

Only he who has ceased to love the world can serve the God. You remember the holy name of God. It does not matter if my body is seriously wounded or cut into pieces. As a bird sits on a tree, so is the soul in the body. Mo3 is the first writer who has written articles on Ravidassia Religion and its Religious Granth Amritbani. This method of learning is elaborately discussed in his hymns.

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I cannot walk further. A man may perform crores of yags, but without remembering the holy name of God, he cannot swim the ocean of existence. My one prayer to God is: Similarly it is not known who was declared the custodian of his hymns. The intellectuals started thinking seriously about this hideous and heinous crime.


He suffers pain at losing his empire, though it is intact. Dangdut Koplo Full Album If the Dispenser of salvation do me a sabgara, then what can the world do to me? Water flows to down stream and not upstream.

The family in which a saint of God is born, whether it be of high or low caste, poor or rich, shall have its unalloyed fame blazoned through the world.

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The day which comes, passes away again. Without the company of the saints, no love is produced, and without love no service is performed for You, O God! He has opened a shop in every heart.

mp3 om sabhara

Ravidass tells the truth that a true lover of God remains sabharaa emotionally perturbed in order to see the holy glimpse of the God. I consider hell and heaven equal. This is the result of company.