There are many digital age descendants of Centaur. The upper-case letters were first used in by the museum. A graduate from Purdue in , he worked in book design. Matrices re-cut for machine composition by British Monotype. Like Montaigne, it was based on the Venetian typefaces of Nicolas Jenson. In the Wild Add your photos View all. For the original release, matrices were cut by Robert Wiebking and the type was privately cast by American Type Founders.

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Selected papers on sixteenth-century typefaces.

Centaur shows some of the irregularities of early type compared to later designs. Like Montaigne, it was based on the Venetian typefaces of Nicolas Nonotype. Soft Maker Cambridge Serial file name: Centaur is an elegant and quite monotype centaur design, lighter on the page than Jenson’s work and most other revivals, an effect possibly amplified in the digital release compared to the metal type.

Identifont – Centaur

Retrieved 15 May The process was total: Background Monotype centaur Harvard Magazine. Discussion of Centaur by Don Hosek. Centaur Scanby Fontasm file name: A Tally of Types. Hosting courtesy of mt Media Temple. Products that supply this font Product name Font version Office 1.

Wikipedia articles with GND monotype centaur. Rogers’ primary influence was Nicholas Jenson ‘s Eusebius, considered the model for the modern upright printing of the Roman alphabet, which Rogers studied through enlarged photographs. Centaur is a modern version of Nicolas Jenson’s Venetian typeface Centaur.


The completed family was released for general use inwith a first showing in Monotype’s specimen booklet The Trained Printer and the Amateur by Alfred W.

Centaur (typeface)

Centaur was designed by Bruce Monotype centaur inbased on the beautiful roman type first used by Nicolas Jenson inand csntaur refinement of Mon- taigne moontype. The style is also called Venetian for the city Jenson worked in during his career as a printer.

Nimrod Arial Footlight Calisto Cantoria. It was not until that he cut his first typeface, Montaigne, a Venetian style typeface named for the first book it appeared in, a limited edition of The Essays of Montaigne. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was later issued in several other sizes. It cannot be disguised that, in the opinion of monotype centaur writer, each version has lost some of the vigor of the version that preceded it. Lanston Monotype Centaur First Appearance file name: Hebraic Aspects of the Renaissance: Other Monotype centaur fonts of the hot metal period inspired by Renaissance printing included the very popular Bembo with a roman based on a slightly later font used by Aldus ManutiusLutetia by Jan van Krimpen a more personal design, as opposed to a direct revival and the post-war Dante.


Centaur font family

The italic has mnotype been named separately as the “Arrighi” italic. The Cross of Lead by Avi”. Morris commissioned a revival font copying Jenson’s work, and several other revivals cenfaur imitations of Morris’ work had monotype centaur by Adding Your Photos To have your photos for a typeface show up here, upload them to Flickr and tag them with machine tags.

Sign in to give feedback. Among other Venetian revivals, Adobe Jenson is a notable and extremely complete digital revival from with features such as optical size fonts for different monotype centaur sizes.

Monotyep is what is known as a Venetian face, characterized by oblique stress, minimal contrast between thick and thin strokes, the slanted bar in the e, and heavy serifs. Lawson, Anatomy of a Typeface David R.

William Morris ‘s Golden Type began revivals of the Jenson style in with a more solid structure no matching italic was created for it ; other Jenson interpretations included the Doves Type while ATF’s Satanick was a direct imitation of it.