Eventually you’ll teleport to a large room with a large staircase sloping skyward. Each individual navigator costs a whopping 40, Metals 36, if you have the Metal Discount to unlock, so you’ll need deep pockets. Codes to unlock various goodies Input the following codes on the title screen with the “Press Start” message on-screen to unlock various items successful input is notified by the announcer saying “Mega Man X8”. Shock Absorber – Zero Navigator: The only way to recover your lost character is to build up the Double Attack energy gauge to full, upon which they’ll receive a small amount of health back.


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Charge it up and release for a quick rapid-punch attack. Use Zero to reach the top of the platform where you’ll find a tall wall of solid ice blocking the path.

Items Guide

The following controls are accessible in this mode: Use the A-Trans to assume the shape of ,mx8 hovering Reploid and roll through to find a small room filled with Metals and this Rare Metal. Once you’ve unlocked the navigators as playable characters see below press Special Weapon default Triangle on PS2 and S on PC on the character select screen mm8 view them.

Step inside to fight none other than the 8-bit Cut Man! No copyright infringements intended. See the funky vertical bar on the left side?

Weapon Converter – X Navigator: As indicative of the name, you’ll be able to customize this armor with the eight parts found in separate capsules. Two characters can be selected to go to a stage, while a navigator can be assigned to assist the player.


Select parts to use on the character select screen, and keep in mind that with no parts selected the Neutral Armor won’t give X any enhancements. Jump up the right wall and touch the switch to rotate the room again. Later in the stage you’ll find a room with three flying barrier-protected Reploids. mkx8


This armor gives Zero his black appearance, while it also slightly increases his ground dash distance. Once you turn the hunter into hunted, the giant Mechaniloid will break the boulder during its retreat.

Dash button mms8 PS2 This is a personal trick I’ve found to work well with the PS2’s controller, so don’t feel you need to use it.

Primrose RM 01 Chip: Central White Decreases X-Buster charge time Zero’s double-jump will be needed to reach this capsule. Once you see Metals floating about in the air, quickly jump and hover through them, past the lone red Metal you’ll find this Rare Metal floating in the air.

Items Guide – Mega Man X8 (Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters)

Inferno RM 01 Chip: R1, X, Left, Square, Square. Jump in the armor and you’ll be taken by the platform through the background. Body Parts H Location: For specific directions to find the room, check the Pitch Black stage guide.


Mega Man X8 received a generally mixed to average reception. In the Central White region the Chaser will continuosly travel forward into the screen as you dodge and weave your way through incoming obstacles. Views Read Edit View history.

Hints and tips – Mega Man X8 (Mega Man XZ: The Maverick Hunters)

With this equipped he’ll be able to hover indefinitely on the spot while firing any weapon, and will also have unlimited special weapon energy while using his A-Trans unit to assume different forms. In the second room of the two, activate the A-Trans and drop down off the ledge. Before this one lowers too much jump cross to the ledge ahead. Press the Character Change button default L2 on PS2 and F on PC at mmx88 time to switch between characters, using mxm8 in times of need such as when caught by a hostile to break ,mx8.

Central White RM 01 Chip: If you don’t have Axl you can still make it through safely. Unlike previous installments of the X series, you won’t find ready-to-use items scattered throughout stages.