The team captain must remain the same person during the entire tournament. Resuming the game without the other team confirming that they are ready is not allowed either. Team Prime oldskoolflavor yahoo. Hi, this is Supermic, the tournament administrator. Both teams have the right to request a save after big team collisions and when at least one building was destroyed. A team may receive a warning, default loss or disqualification if one of his players commits any of the following:

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Teams are persuaded to save their games frequently during a match in order to compensate for disconnections every 10th — 15th minutes Disconnect before the first hero has been killed: Show me screenshots of you being in the room Philippines Event and Tournament Room For a team qualified for Regular Season, the minimum required number of player is 8.

Kampo 28 mikebangis23 yahoo. Please post your arranged timing with your opponents at this thread. Both teams have the right to request a save after big team collisions and when at least one building was destroyed. Due to the flood in philippines, the dateline of round 6 has been postponed to 11th Oct Teams can download the version switcher on your right if you have to mineski vs happyfeet replay games in 1.


From this point on pausing without any valid reason is disallowed. Requests with inadequate or no proofs will not be handled. Team TheOs wins Team G.

HappyFeet vs Young Minds Grand Final Prodota Cup 201…

Teams are allowed to have an organizer manager for schedule purpose. Team 50Pesos jinCK yahoo. I have receive emails about problems faced by different teams. Playing for multiple teams in the same tournament will result in disqualification for involved teams.

iCCup — Replays

If the players or the host pulled off, then there will be consequences of that action. The items may either stay on the disconnected hero, or be sold so the money is dispersed among the remaining players. In case of dispute without reasonable proofs, game repkay to be replayed. Both teams MUST report to the admins in charge what time they mineski vs happyfeet replay on, so that there’s a proof that both teams tried to contact each other and that they agreed on a time.

Games not played within the assigned deadline will result in a default loss for both teams. A team can claim for def win if the opponent team doesn’t show up 20 minutes after the scheduled time.

If the teams don’t care about the side, they may leave the draft start to random. If a team needs to postpone a game, it minrski ask for admins approval. If your team need to change a line up, please send an updated line up to dotabattles gmail. Team Pinyahan All Mineski vs happyfeet replay emoloveshit yahoo. Team Mineski vs happyfeet replay annndoi yahoo.


On initial creep contact, the players may change their lanes If the same player disconnects more than 2 times, then the opposing team replzy chose to continue the match without him the opposite team is allowed to continue mibeski the disconnected player starting form the 3rd disconnection. The following procedure must be applied in order to decide 1st-pick and game side: Soshi Gaming hahheh yahoo. If someone pauses the game without a valid reason will receive a warning.

It is not allowed to block creeps with the help of spells, such as fissure, sprout etc. The minimum required number of player is 6.

How do i watch replays?

Any kind of cheat is strictly prohibited. Send your updated roster to supermic ymail. Game Loss or Disqualification 1. Admins reserve the rights to take decisions which are unquestionable.