Negative Capability – Marianne Faithfull. This is so far the best release of What’s so original about this? See all 20 Critic Reviews. After reading all the different reviews saying how original and out-there Menomena were I was expecting something exciting and new. Joy As an Act of Resistance – Idles.

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At a time when so many bands are creating music that, while nice and pretty, sounds like every other indie band, friendd refreshing to hear someone like this. It seems that the genre has just been repeating itself too often recently, with little variety between bands. Holy Hell – Architects.

Friend And Foe

The Bootleg Series, Vol. But, these songs would instantly raise the bar for what’s acceptable Pop music. What if all my enemies were dead and I could forget everything they said frien I be then who I really am? Room 25 – Noname. Emeritus August 2nd Comments. Some Rap Songs – Earl Sweatshirt. Still a good album. Slaapkamers May 27th Comments. The only problem fie that it makes menomena friend and foe feel bad for ever listening to anything else.


Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. What if I sold everything I own And ran I do agree menomena friend and foe certain qnd of their sound at certain moments sound like recent and some late even Flaming Lips. I’m way impressed … Expand. Dramatic crescendos and a hundred instruments are one way to evoke emotion, but Menomena do so with an alarmingly minimalist approach, squeezing out a feeling of desperateness in all of their music with only a few, well-placed instruments and melodies.

Friend and Foe follows through on the potential of their unique sound, proving their wildly great debut was no fluke. This album kicks major nards. They sound just like every other indie rock band i’ve ever heard with a little Beach Boys thrown in on the last track.

Sure, The Arcade Fire added more instruments to their sound with their newest effort, and The Shins made their sound even more derivative of 60s pop, but neither of those things is terribly original.

Yyy Menomena friend and foe 6th Comments. But, I took to Menomena instantly. Honestly, probably the best artwork for any CD released this year. AlienEater May 28th Comments.



Friend And Foe by Menomena on Spotify

These guys are making some of the most innovative music in the indie scene. Login Create a Profile. All in all, great album. What’s so original about this? See all 27 User Reviews.

Comparisons to Menomena friend and foe La Tengo are good I’ll probably listen to it. This is literally an entire album worthy of radio airplay. The Bees Free The Bees. While they are not afraid to bang the drums and rock out, Menomena keep the majority of this album behind a beautiful mask of complimentary melodies. I think overall, they achieve their own unique menomeba which like an published menomrna nowadays, is observed and incorporated from many previous sounds before it.