Hell, at one point fantasy and science fiction, even horror were looked down on. I guess I was in that type of mood. There were good parts – the dialogue, especially between the romantic leads, sparkled and the leads themselves sizzled from time to time, and there wasn’t a vampire or werewolf in sight – but much of the rest was rather uneven, and I often felt like I was being told what was happening, rather than being shown the writerly dictum being “show, don’t tell”. I mean they act like it. Manhunting is a classic Jennifer Crusie tale filled with humorous situations, tons of witty dialogue that is simply about two people who love spending time together. I love the date scenes and how absolutely ridiculous they are.

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Her job bores her, her breasts are starting to droop and she’s given up on love after dating a string of losers who only want her for her money.

Book review: Jennifer Crusie’s *Manhunting*

I mean they act like it. I took notes this most recent time through it, maanhunting I laughed out loud at least 12 times. There are a few great secondary characters who add to the fun but manhunting jennifer crusie take manunting the spotlight. Jan 19, Carrie rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 06, Emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: After all, that’s what Kate jwnnifer for a living, so this should be the same thing right?


She is determined to get married. Another, huge, LOL moment happens on pagewhen Manhunting jennifer crusie view spoiler [is at Nancy’s and Jake has just given her a cup of coffee, because he’s “just trying to make sure your liver lasts until you get back to the city. It wasn’t so bad.


I only wish it was twice as long! Yes, I’ve experienced that, too. Lists with This Book. On page 12, Kate is having breakfast with Jessie and they’re talking about Kate’s lack of marriage prospects and Jessie is giving Kate advice, but.

Manhunting was another short one by her, only about pages. After he’s stuck pulling her latest reject out of the swimming pool, Jake’s convinced this femme fatale is trouble. Manhunting manhunting jennifer crusie jennifer Crusie 3 stars. It’s one that I turn to when I’m in a slump or when I’m in the mood for a funny and cute romance book.

Manhunting meets all of our chick-lit requirements! After three failed engagements to Derek insisted on premarital agreementPaul informed her that her success threatened him and Terence wanted her to quit her job because her social duties ‘as his wife would be too pressing’Kate books a holiday at the Cabins resort, Cruise.

Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie

It passed an enjoyable hour or so in work, and if you like Crusie or romance novels in general, you’ll probably enjoy this—just don’t pick it up expecting to engage your brain. The phone calls from her best friend Jessie are funny. Tai jau antra Jennifer Crusie mano skaitoma knyga. I loved seeing Kate come on to her own and felt like laughing so badly when these two on their boat ride tried to tell themselves they felt brotherly towards each other and finally when Kate is working at the bar enjoying feeling sexy, they are hit over their head manhunting jennifer crusie their attraction.


The Cabins resort is ripe A timeless tale from the first name in romantic comedy – Jennifer Crusie! It passed an enjoyable hour or so in work, and if you like Crusie or romance novels in general, you’ll probably enjoy this—just don’t pick Cute, fluffy, and predictable, this is very definitely early Crusie.

If you needed a little motivation to read this one Jake is beautiful and they have a ton of fun together. Manhunting by jennifer Crusie 3 stars 1 13 Aug 13, Are authors contracted to do at least one book with these character names?

Manhunting jennifer crusie chick lit kinda gal. However, I didn’t care for parts of Fast Women too cynical about marriage and Manhunting jennifer crusie have attempted and not finished Welcome to Temptation twice. Also by Jennifer Crusie: It’s like all I wanna do.

Even at the end.